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The Student Secure, International Student Health Insurance plan is available to international and study abroad students in three main plan levels; Smart, Budget and Select. Each plan level offers different coverage limits, with the Smart being the most affordable and the Select the most comprehensive of the three plans. Please view the benefits below and contact us if you need further help with choosing the best plan option for you.

Benefits Smart Budget Select
Certificate Period Maximum $200,000 $250,000 $300,000
Maximum Benefit
per injury/ illness
$100,000 $250,000 $300,000
per injury/ illness
Inside PPO Network, Outside USA or at Student Health Center
$50 $45 $25
per injury/ illness
All other locations
$100 $90 $50
Provider Network Coventry Provider Network
ER Deductible
per injury/ illness
- Inside the USA Only
$350 $350 $100
- Inside the USA
80% Coverage after the Deductible
80% Coverage up to $25,000, then 100% up to the Certificate Maximum, after the Deductible 100% of Eligible Expenses within the PPO or at the Student Health Center

Elsewhere, 80% coverage up to $5,000 then 100% up to the Certificate Maximum, after the Deductible

- Outside the USA
100% of Eligible Expenses after the Deductible
Hospital Room & Board Average Semi-Private Room Rate
Local Ambulance
per injury/ illness if hospitalized as Inpatient
Up to $300 Up to $500 Up to $750
Intensive Care Unit URC URC URC
Outpatient Treatment URC URC URC
Prescription Medication 50% of Actual Charge
Mental Health
- Outpatient
$50 per day
$500 lifetime
Treatment must not be obtained at the Student Health Center
$50 per day
$500 lifetime
Coverage includes drug and alcohol abuse. Treatment must not be obtained at the Student Health Center
80% within the PPO network, 60% out of network
Coverage includes drug and alcohol abuse
Mental Health
- Inpatient
URC up to $5,000
Treatment must not be obtained at the Student Health Center
URC up to $10,000
Coverage includes drug and alcohol abuse. Treatment must not be obtained at the Student Health Center
80% within the PPO network, 60% out of network
Coverage includes drug and alcohol abuse
Accidental Dental No Coverage

$250 per tooth

$500 Max.

$250 per tooth

$500 Max.

Dental Pain No Coverage

$100 Max.

$100 Max.

Maternity No Coverage After deductible, covers 80% within the PPO or 60% outside the PPO up to $5,000 After deductible, covers 80% within the PPO or 60% outside the PPO
Newborn Care No Coverage

$250 Max.

$750 Max.

Pre-existing Conditions Up to $25,000 for an acute onset of a pre-existing condition 365 day waiting period 180 day waiting period
Therapeutic Termination of Pregnancy

$500 Max.

Physical Therapy/ Chiropractic Care $25 per visit $50 per visit $50 per visit
Sports Coverage
per injury/ illness
No Coverage $3,000 $5,000
Terrorism No Coverage

$50,000 Max.

$50,000 Max.

Benefit Period 60 days 60 days 60 days
Emergency Evacuation $25,000 $250,000 $300,000
Repatriation of Remains $7,500 $25,000 $25,000
Emergency Reunion $1,000 lifetime $1,000 lifetime $5,000 lifetime
Accidental Death & Dismemberment No Coverage No Coverage Principal Sum $25,000

Please note - The benefit table listed above is a consolidated version of the full plan benefits. Please view the plan brochure for the full benefits and limitations of the plan. All benefits, except Accidental Death & Dismemberment, are subject to the Deductible and Coinsurance. Limits apply to all benefits.

Covered Medical Expenses

  1. Inpatient and Outpatient charges made by a Hospital
  2. Charges made by a Physician, surgeon, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and any other Medical Specialist to whom the Physician has referred the case
  3. Charges made for dressings, sutures, casts or other supplies prescribed by the attending Physician or Medical Specialist, but excluding nebulizers, oxygen tanks, diabetic supplies and all devices for repeat use at home
  4. Charges for diagnostic testing using radiology, ultrasonographic or laboratory services
  5. Charges for oxygen and other gases and anesthetics and their administration
  6. Charges for prescription drugs for treatment of a covered Injury or Illness, but not for the replacement of lost, stolen, damaged, expired or otherwise compromised drugs
  7. Charges made by a licensed Extended Care Facility upon direct transfer from an Acute Care Hospital
  8. Emergency Local Ambulance transport incurred in connection with Injury or Illness resulting in Inpatient hospitalization
  9. Emergency Room Treatment of an injury/ illness, subject to the ER deductible

Pre-existing Conditions

After 180 days of continuous coverage on the StudentSecure Select plan and 365 days on the StudentSecure Budget plan, StudentSecure will provide benefits for pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is generally defined as any injury or illness which, within the 365 days prior to the effective date of coverage, manifested itself, exhibited symptoms, or required medical treatment or medication, or for which a physician was consulted. Please refer to the certificate of insurance for the complete definition. Under the smart plan, there is $25,000 coverage for an acute onset of a pre-existing condition only, with no waiting period. An acute onset of a pre-existing condition is defined as a sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition(s) which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning, in either the form of Physician recommendations or symptoms, is of short duration, is rapidly progressive, and requires urgent care. Treatment must be sought within 24 hours of onset.

Maternity & Newborn Care

When conception occurs after the Effective Date of Coverage, StudentSecureSM Select and Budget plans provide Maternity benefits, including but not limited to pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care as well as expenses for miscarriage and complications of pregnancy. Routine Nursery Care of Newborns is also covered, subject to the maximum shown in the Schedule of Benefits and Limits.

Organized Sports Activities

Medical expenses for Injuries or Illnesses resulting from participation in intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, or club sports are covered up to $5,000 on the Select plan, and $3,000 on the Budget plan.

Mental Health Disorders

StudentSecure provides benefits for mental health disorders as per the table of benefits, including treatment for substance, drug and alcohol abuse. On the Budget plan, treatment for mental health disorders is only covered if not obtained from a Student Health Center.

Emergency Dental

Under the Select and Budget plan, the following Emergency Dental expenses are covered: Emergency Dental treatment and Dental surgery necessary to restore or replace sound natural teeth lost or damaged in an Accident which is covered under this insurance subject to a maximum of $250 per tooth and $500 Certificate Period Maximum; and coverage for Emergency Dental treatment necessary to resolve acute, spontaneous and unexpected onset of pain subject to a maximum benefit of $100 per Certificate Period when sought within 24 hours of onset.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If recommended by your attending Physician, who certifies that Evacuation is necessary to safeguard your life and that Medically Necessary treatment is not available locally, and if approved in advance and coordinated by HCCMIS, StudentSecureSM will provide the following benefits: Emergency air and/or ground transportation to the nearest Hospital that is qualified to provide the Medically Necessary treatment.

Emergency Reunion

StudentSecureSM will provide benefits, up to the maximum indicated in the Schedule of Benefits and Limits, for the cost of an economy round-trip air and/or ground transportation ticket for one of your relatives (parent, spouse, sibling or child age 18 or older) for transportation to the area where you are hospitalized and for reasonable expenses for lodging and meals for your relative for a period not to exceed 15 days in either of the following situations:

  1. Following a covered Emergency Medical Evacuation; or
  2. You are hospitalized due to a life-threatening Injury or Illness for more than five days.

HCCMIS must be notified in advance of the travel of the relative in order for Emergency Reunion benefits to be payable. Emergency Reunion benefits that are not related to an Emergency Medical Evacuation will be paid only following the end of the Inpatient hospitalization.


StudentSecureSM Select and Budget plans provide Medical coverage for Injuries and Illnesses resulting from an Act of Terrorism, subject to a $50,000 Lifetime Maximum, provided all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The Injury or Illness does not result from chemical, nuclear or biological weapons or events.
  2. You have no direct or indirect involvement in the Act of Terrorism.
  3. The Act of Terrorism is not in a country or location where the United States government has issued a travel warning that has been in effect within the 6 months prior to your date of arrival.
  4. You have not unreasonably failed or refused to depart a country or location following the date a warning to leave that country or location is issued by the United States government.

An Act of Terrorism is defined as: an act, including but not limited to, the use of force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization(s) or government(s) committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

In the event of your Accidental Death or Dismemberment resulting from a covered Injury, StudentSecureSM Select (only) will provide the following benefit:

  • Accidental Death – Principal Sum to the Beneficiary designated on your Application
  • Loss of Sight in both eyes or loss of two or more Limbs – Principal Sum to you
  • Loss of Sight in one eye or loss of one Limb – One-half of the Principal Sum to you

Loss of Sight is defined as total and irrevocable loss of sight. Loss of Limb is defined as complete and permanent severance of a hand at or above the wrist, or a foot at or above the ankle. The Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit is not available for losses resulting from an Act of Terrorism.

Repatriation of Remains

In the event of a covered Injury or Illness resulting in your death, StudentSecureSM will provide the following benefit: Air and/or ground transportation of bodily remains or ashes to the area of your Principal Residence, and reasonable costs of preparation of your remains necessary for transportation.

Incidental Home Country Coverage

For each three (3) months during which a Member is covered, Medical Expenses only are covered during incidental trips totaling no more than 15 days duration per three-month period of coverage. Incidental visit time must be used within the three-month period earned, and the Member must continue his or her international trip in order to be eligible for this benefit. Return to the Member's Home Country must not be taken for the purpose of obtaining treatment of an Illness or Injury that began while traveling.

Benefit Period

If you are hospitalized as Inpatient on your coverage Termination Date, StudentSecureSM will provide a Benefit Period of 60 days for that condition only. The Benefit Period begins on the first date that you receive diagnosis or treatment for the condition and continues for 60 days, regardless of whether you are abroad or return to your Home Country.

Pre-certification Requirements

Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Pregnancies (except Smart plan), Emergency Medical Evacuations, Emergency Reunions, Repatriation of Remains, Computerized Tomography (CAT Scan), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) must be Pre-certified. To Pre-certify, call, or have your Physician call, HCCMIS with the information relative to your claim. You may also Pre-certify by submitting details through Student Zone. Be sure to have your ID number available. If you do not Pre-certify, medical expenses will be reduced by 50% and all other expenses will be forfeited.


To be eligible for the Student Secure, Participants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Must be a Full-time Student at a college or university, excluding online colleges and universities, or within 31 days of being a Full-time Student at a college or university; or must be a Full-time Scholar affiliated with an educational institution and performing work or research for at least 30 hours per week. The Full-time Student/ Scholar status requirement is waived for Participant within the USA holding a valid F-1 visa (including those students on OPT) and J-1 visa. Full-time status requirements remain in force for individuals holding M-1, or other visa categories.
  • Must be residing outside Home Country for the purpose of pursuing international educational activities.
  • Must not have obtained residency status in the Host Country.

Participants visiting the US must hold a valid education-related visa. A copy of the I-20 or DS-2019 may be requested.

Eligibility Definitions

  • Full-time Student: A student at a college or university who is taking 10 credit hours (undergraduate students) or 6 credit hours (graduate students). Full-time Student status for individuals enrolled at colleges or universities that do not use a credit hour system must provide documentation of Full-time Student status.
  • Full-time Scholar: An individual who is affiliated with an educational institution and is engaging in educational activities for at least 30 hours per week. These activities may include but not be limited to performing research in an area of specialty or teaching for a temporary period of time.
  • Home Country: The Participant’s Home Country is the country of Principal Residence as declared on the Application form. The Principal Residence is the country of the Participant’s true, fixed, and permanent home.

There is no dependent coverage available on the Student Secure Smart

Effective & Termination Dates

Coverage becomes effective on the latest of:

  1. The moment we receive the application and correct premium (if application and payment is made online or by fax); or
  2. 12:01am US Eastern Time on the date we receive your application and payment (if application and payment is made by mail); or
  3. 12:01am US Eastern Time on the date you meet eligibility requirements.

Coverage terminates on the earliest of:

  1. 11:59pm US Eastern Time on the last day of the period for which you have paid premium; or
  2. 11:59pm US Eastern Time on the last date requested on your application; or
  3. 12:01am US Eastern Time on the date you no longer meet eligibility requirements.

Cancellations and Refunds

To be eligible for a full refund, the request for cancellation must be received prior to the effective date. Cancellation requests received after the effective date will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. A $25 cancellation fee will apply
  2. Only premium for unused whole-months of the plan will be refunded
  3. Only members who have no claims are eligible for premium refund
  4. After 60 days, no refunds are granted
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