Rhonda Fischer

348 Lilac Blvd ▪ Flagstaff, Arizona 86032
Phone: (555) 867-5309 Email: rhondaf@mymail.com


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Bachelor of Science, Biology pathogenesis, immunity
Graduated May, 2012
GPA: 3.64

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Study Abroad, 2010
Cellular neurobiology, genetics, systems biology

Freedom High School, Baltimore, MD
High School Diploma, 2008
GPA: 3.9 Top 10 % of Class of 530 students


SURF Program, Philadelphia PA
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Biomedical Research
Summer 2011

Baltimore Medical Society Wellington Scholarship, Baltimore, MD
Presented biophysics research, September 2010
Awarded $12,000 toward tuition

Dean’s List: 6 semesters


American Cancer Society, Atlanta GA
Intern, Summer 2011
Conducted literature searches, prepared manuscripts and conducted analytical processes of data using SAS. Assisted the managing director with current research projects.

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center Sleep Clinic, Baltimore MD
Dr. William Freedman, M.D., Ph.D. Neurologist, Spring 2011
Observed and noted specific skill sets from rounds and diagnosis discussions

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Department of Cardiac Surgery, Fall 2010
Shadowed and focused on a variety of cardiac and thoracic surgeries as well as doctors in the cardiac surgery intensive care unit.


Summer Training as Research Scholars (StaRS), Boston MA
Blood research, Summer 2010
Researched in the biomedical laboratories of the division of Graduate Medical Sciences for ten weeks. Found 23 pages of findings and presented the highlights of these findings at the closing symposium.

Children's Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnati OH
Developmental biology, Summer 2009
Researched molecular and developmental biology with modern and innovative equipment as supervised by the division faculty members.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2009
Developmental genetics of Tribolium castaneum
Advisor: Phillip Reeves, Ph.D


Albert, B.A., Cobert, P.A., & Fischer, R. (in press). Generalization of value-based attentional priority. Visual Cognition.

Hall, A.S., Reeves, T., Caer, Y.-C., Fischer, R., Smith, W., & Hardison, M. (2012). Visuotopic cortical connectivity inherent attention unveiled with white matter tractography. Journal of Neuroscience, 31, 2353-2593.

Brooke, B.A. & Fischer, R. (2012, July). A value-driven mechanism of attentional selection. Presented at the Second Symposium on Visual Search and Selective Attention, Sydney, Australia.


Baltimore Fire Station, Baltimore MD
Volunteer Firefighter, Spring 2011-Present

Johns Hopkins University, Balitmore MD
Tutor, Fall 2010-Present
Biology and chemistry

Campus Outreach
President, Fall 2010

Relay for Life
Fundraiser; participant, Fall 2009


Certified Lifeguard, Fluent in Dutch and Spanish, Cooking, Communication, Writing, & Management
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