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Get Essay Help With EssayDog®

The college application essay is a notorious part of the college application process as it often causes a great deal of stress for applicants from all backgrounds. For international students, particularly those whose first language is not English, the application essay is often particularly daunting. Luckily, there are honest ways to get essay writing help like with EssayDog®.

What is EssayDog®?

EssayDog® is a software that helps students write stronger essays- including college admission essays. EssayDog® doesn’t write your essay for you, but instead breaks down the steps of essay writing into manageable pieces and helps walk you through the process. EssayDog® helps you identify a great and compelling story, which is the most fundamental aspect of a strong essay. EssayDog® provides you with the tools to write an essay that will show college admissions boards who you really are.

How Does It Work?

You’ll start by watching a series of short training videos that will walk you through the process of brainstorming and building an essay. After each video you will be prompted to complete a short writing exercise.

The writing process begins with just four sentences. First, you will identify the initial plan that creates the foundation of your story. Second, you will identify the anticipated outcome which will help you draw a relevant message later on. Third comes the pivot. This is a complication, a failure, a journey, a setback, or an obstacle. Every story needs something for the protagonist (you!) to overcome. Fourth comes the discovery. What did you learn from this experience? How did you grow? How are you in some way different than the person you were at the start of your story?

After you’ve written these four sentences EssayDog® will help you to identify a message and theme of your story. What is the importance of this story? What is the broader lesson? Colleges can then use this essay to learn things about you that they can’t learn from your GPA, so this is your opportunity to tell a story with depth and meaning, a story that reveals something interesting and compelling about you.

Finally, EssayDog® helps you link your story to the essay prompt. Why is this fascinating, well-written story you’ve created relevant to the question the college has asked you to answer? EssayDog® will show you how to take your story and link it to the college admissions process in a way that will clearly demonstrate how great of a writer you are.

Once you’re done with each of the EssayDog® steps, just click “Create Essay” to see your first draft, ready to proofread, edit, and send out to the college of your choice.

How is EssayDog® Helpful?

EssayDog® is particularly helpful for students who struggle with essay structure. EssayDog® helps you to focus on the parts of your essay that really matter--the story--and fits it into a proven essay framework. Every word of your essay is written by you; EssayDog® just helps you break down the overwhelming process of writing an application essay into easily achievable steps.

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