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Issue 100 - June 2007

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Welcome - The 100th issue is here!!!!


We are proud of the success of our newsletter, and grateful to you, our subscribers, for helping us to keep our publication relevant and informative for over 6 years. Over the past 100 issues, the Newsletter has developed into a must-have resource for anyone studying or considering studying outside of their home country.


To mark the 100th issue of the Newsletter, we're planning the relaunch of, and soliciting your input on the new design - see below.


We hope you enjoy the 100th issue.


Ross Mason


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> Site Relaunch!

As we get ready to launch the new website, we want our readers to get the first "sneek peak" at how it will look. As our most loyal visitors, we want you to have input into how the site will look and work after relaunch. In addition to an updated look, there's a ton of useful information on the site now, and we want to organize it better so what you need is easier to find.


So please, visit the link below, and give us your thoughts. Do you like how it looks? Do you hate it? Could it be improved? Just drop us a quick email telling us exactly what you do and don't like about it, and how you would improve it. For everyone that responds, we will mail you a FREE $5 Calling Card from!


and email your feedback to us at


> International Student Loans

Studying abroad can be very expensive, and traditional forms of financial aid often do not apply. In addition, your study abroad program, with travel costs and exchange rates, may be more expensive than your home school. provides funding for both US students who wish to study abroad and non-US Citizens who plan to study in the USA or Canada. The loans offer:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Online application with preliminary approval in as little as 15 minutes
  • Funding in as few as 5 business days from receipt of completed application
  • Borrow (annually) the lesser of $40,000 or the estimated annual cost of attendance
  • International students are required to have a US co-signer

To learn more about these unique loan programs, or to apply online, please visit:


> From the Mailbag

The International Student Forums are a great place to talk to other international students around the world and share experiences and thoughts. This month our hot topic is about the new student visa requirements in the UK and the problems they are creating - so please check it out.


Post: From April the Home Office is asking for National Insurance numbers of all students applying for a visa extension. People who are or have been working full term during term times have been deported - anybody know the details?


Click here to post back to John991's original post


> Learn English

With a database of more than 10,000 schools teaching 88 languages in 115 countries, “The Language Course Finder” features a language course search engine with an extensive range of search criteria. An essential skill in today’s world, the English language is the key to international business. But English is not only a business language. It is also a language of leisure and one that often unites people from different countries.


When it comes to destinations, you can find English language schools in a wide range of English-speaking countries across the world.


Malta, for example, provides beachside fun, while South Africa offers safaris and African sunshine. You might choose Australia against a backdrop of surf beaches and the Great Barrier Reef or soak up the culture and hospitality of Ireland. In America, you can experience world-famous sites, while Canada offers some of the world's most unspoilt natural areas. Meanwhile, England, Scotland and Wales each contribute a different cultural flavour to the UK.

To find the right English course, “The Language Course Finder” offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria (e.g., location, course type, group size, accommodation, supplementary activities…)

Click here to find your English course now and go international


> Fun Site of the Month

I can never decide what to put as my desktop wallpaper, and I always like to change it up. If you're anything like me, you need to know about Wallpapr. Wallpapr is a great tool that works from Flickr, and with the hit of a button it will give you loads of great wallpaper images for your desktop.


If you don't see something you like, just hit the button again for more pictures until you find one you like!


> Student Insurance

Summer is upon us, and with it comes travel. Whether you're an international student and plan to stay in the USA or a US student traveling abroad for a few months - will have an affordable, comprehensive insurance plan for you. Our plans provide:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Repatriation
  • 24 Hour Travel Assistance
  • Immediate online purchase
  • and much more....

Learn more about how we can provide you with hassle-free insurance coverage please visit:


> Student News

Study Abroad Act Passed by House!


Yesterday, the Simon Study Abroad Foundation Act was passed unanimously by the US House of Representatives, and is now set for a vote next week in the Senate. The Act seeks to increase the number of US students studying abroad, from the current total of about 200,000 per year to 1 million per year within ten years. To achieve this lofty goal, the Act would create thousands of study abroad scholarships, particularly focused on strategic and underrepresented destinations like the Middle East and the developing world. A positive vote in the Senate would be an historic step for international education. You can read more about the Simon Act on the International Financial Aid Blog.


If you want to show your support for the Simon Act, NAFSA, the Association of International Educators, has made it easy to email your legislator in support of the Act. Sign up here:


> Study in the USA

Learn more about studying in the USA, the world's premier study abroad destination. features top-ranked colleges, universities and English Language Programs that specifically want to welcome and support international students. Start exploring options for the 2008 academic year
by expressing your personal preferences to find results customized for you, by Academic Level, Field of Study, and Geographic Preference within the United States:


> Last Word

We hope you have enjoyed the 100th edition of the student newsletter, and the 100 issues before this one! As always please take time to visit us on facebook, visit our forums and comment on our blogs - the more interaction from you, the better we can make our site!


I have also compiled a few quick travel links for the summer months:

Have a great June!

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