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Issue 101 - July 2007

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Welcome to the 101st Issue!


As we roll into the summer months, our attention already starts to turn to the new semester which is only just around the corner. If you have not done so already, you need to be planning ahead making sure everything is in place for the new school year, like student health insurance, cheap flights, study abroad loans and much more....


Happy July 4th!


Ross Mason


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> Student Health Insurance

As the new school year starts, make an educated decision by choosing one of the most comprehensive international student health insurance plans available in the Student Secure plan from The plan provides:


- Monthly Payment Options
- Hospitalization Services
- Doctors Office Visits
- Prescription Drug Coverage
- Maternity and Mental Health
- Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
- and Much More….


To view all the benefits of the Student Secure plan, quote or apply online click here:


Also, as part of your enrollment process your school will either require you to purchase their plan or show proof of comparable coverage. In most cases the Student Secure will meet and exceed your schools insurance requirement, providing similar benefits at a much lower cost. You can check your schools requirements online at:


> Cheap Student Airfare

Whether you are looking for some summer travel fun, or you are planning ahead for the new school semester, the Airfare booking engine provides you with access to hundreds of cheap flights to destinations all around the world.


How does this work? Because we only offer our airfare options to students, airlines provide much lower rates than those published on the main travel websites. So, as a student you can get some great deals to countries all around the world.....


> From the Mailbag

In May, Google took the steps to ban all essay writing sites from advertising through their network channels claiming that it was jeopardizing the integrity of university degrees around the world. This move has cut off a market which is not providing anything illegal, however it can be argued that is it not morally right to use these services and pass them off as your own.


Our main International Student Blog posted about this a few weeks ago and it has proved to be a hot topic with views on both sides posting comments. Post your thoughts about this:


> Learn German

Did you know that in Europe, there are more native German speakers than native English, French, Italian or Spanish speakers? In fact, worldwide, 120 million people speak the German language. German is the first language of the populations of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and is spoken in northern Italy, eastern France and parts of Belgium.

To find the right German course, The Language Course Finder offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria. Moreover important details needed for a language holiday or study abroad program are also readily available, such as comprehensive information about language certificates, country and travel facts.

Click here to find your German course now and experience living history:


> Fun Site of the Month

"Creativity (or creativeness) is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts."


This is the definition of creativity according to Wikipedia, but how can you tell if you are creative? It is just how you come up with ideas and concepts? The answer to that is yes, but there is also a test that you can take which tells you if you are more creative. How? Well creative people are said to use their right side of their brain more than their left, and here is an online test you can take:


> Study in the USA

Learn more about studying in the USA, the world's premier study abroad destination. features top-ranked colleges, universities and English Language Programs that specifically want to welcome and support international students. Start exploring options for the 2008 academic year
by expressing your personal preferences to find results customized for you, by Academic Level, Field of Study, and Geographic Preference within the United States:


> Student News

Study Abroad Trips Still On!


Great news coming from the University of Southern Michigan is that students on the annual Study Abroad Trip to London are planning to go ahead with the trip despite the recent terrorist problems. Southern Miss journalism major Caitlin Masson said "I don't think anything could deter us from going," who plans to take a course in British journalism during her month abroad.


The recent terrorist attacks in London are another reminder of the need to promote better understanding of religions and views around the world - hopefully as more students study internationally this goal will be achieved.


Plus we also have a forum thread that has developed to leave your comments:


> Study Abroad Loans

Around the world the cost of education is spiraling upwards, and this is particularly true for students who want to study abroad., however now has a range of study abroad and international student loan programs designed to cover the cost of an international education.


Students can obtain up to $50,000 USD to fund a range of expenses including tuition, room and board, transportation and other living expenses. Non-US Citizens who are applying will need a US Citizen or permanent resident to co-sign the loan, however US Citizens can apply on their own signature but a co-signer is recommended to improve your chances of approval.


To learn more about Study Abroad Loans please visit:


> Last Word

We hope you have enjoyed this month's newsletter, and as always we look forward to your input, comments and posts on our blogs, forums and facebook pages!


Have a great July!

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