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Issue 109 - March 2008

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Welcome to the 109th Edition of our Newsletter!


As tax season is creeping up onto us, our feature article this month is about the International Student Tax Center and how students can complete their tax filings online quickly and easily. We provide everything you need to file your taxes!


For those looking to learn English in the USA, this month we also feature ELS Language Centers.


Ross Mason


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> International Student Taxes

The US tax system can be intimidating, but nearly all international students in the US, whether you have worked or not, must complete and file a tax return. For students who have worked and paid taxes during the year, it is even more important to complete a tax return, as you will likely get a refund.


Some international students only need to file one form, while others need to file two or more. Navigating your way through the US tax filing system and requirements can be a daunting task. Luckily, is here to help make your life easier. We now have a great online tax filing system that is easy to understand, will not break your bank balance and which you can complete in under 30 minutes (sometimes in as little as 10 minutes).


To learn more about how you can file your taxes quickly - please see our student tax center:


> ELS Language Centers

The first ELS Language Center opened in 1961, and since then ELS has helped millions of students from over 140 countries learn English quickly and effectively.


Quality Instruction & Study Tools - To ensure your academic success, ELS has developed its own unique curriculum, textbooks and branded language-learning software.


Prepare for University Entrance - Our Intensive English Program, Fast Track Program and Prep Program for the TOEFL(r) iBT can help you prepare for university entrance. Over 550 US colleges and universities even accept completion of the ELS Intensive English or Fast Track Program to meet the English language requirement for admission.


Locations - You can choose from over 40 locations across the USA for your studies. Most locations are on university campuses, but we also offer exciting city locations. Each location also offers a wide range of activities for students, and through our Contact America! program, you can practice your English with Americans.


Learn more at


> From the Mailbag

For our regular forums visitors, you may have noticed that we have been doing some work to upgrade them and make it a better resource for you. They are now ten times faster and much more secure! We are still working on the look and feel but they are fully functional and working better than ever.


This month we have a post from a user looking for information about an online degree:


"Hey - I am looking for accredited online college. I intend to go for a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Because of my busy schedule I don't want to attend classes. I would like a real, accredited university. Thanks in advance!"


If you would like to reply please visit:


> International Internships and Jobs

Our partner provides a website dedicated to help students and graduates find International Internships and Jobs. Currently the site features over 1,000 international positions from top-tier employers around the globe. iHipo also offers extensive networking features which allow you to connect to other users and employers directly.


Kickstart your international career today on the portal for international careers:


> Fun Site of the Month is a new website that pledges to be "the virtual office for international students." provides connectivity to other international students and institutions to help educate and prepare prospective international students for their abroad experiences. GoSwoop encourages students to ask questions to the community, message institutions, connect with other students, write stories about their experiences and share photos. Educational institutions answer questions about their institution, control their online personality, communicate instantly with students and potentially recruit prospective students. In short, both students and institutions are armed with tools that can help them fulfill their respective education goals.


Learn more at:


> Student News from Around the World

Canada Working Hard to Attract International Students

As global competition for the best and brightest international students continues to heat up, countries have to be more creative and put more effort into initiatives designed to attract these students. Canada's increasing commitment to international education made the news twice in the past week.


First, the new Canadian federal budget includes funding for a prestigious new PhD scholarship program designed to compete with the Fulbright, Rhodes, and other high-profile programs for top-notch international students. There is also new funding for Canadians studying abroad. Read more about it in the International Financial Aib Blog.


Also, Ontario announced a new program that will allow international students to work in Ontario and to shorten the timeline to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. From The Strand (The student newspaper of Victoria University in the University of Toronto):


"In a normal case, going through the immigrant process takes an average of three to five years. Here, international students are able to fast-track this course and gain permanent resident status in 9-12 months. In addition, the application fee of $2,000 is reduced to $200 for student applicants."


Click here to read the rest of the story in The Strand.



Meet with U.S. admissions counselors when they visit a city near you! Check out our latest schedule of events:


If you can't participate in an event, please use our simple selection page to express your preferences for studying in the USA:


> Learn German

Did you know that in Europe, there are more native German speakers than native English, French, Italian or Spanish speakers? In fact, worldwide, 120 million people speak the German language. German is the first language of the populations of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and is spoken in northern Italy, eastern France and parts of Belgium.


To find the right German course, The Language Course Finder offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria. Moreover important details needed for a language holiday or study abroad program are also readily available, such as comprehensive information about language certificates, country and travel facts.


Click here to find your German course now and experience living history:


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on the new

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