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Issue 113 - July 2008

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Welcome to the 113th Newsletter!


We are already in July, and that means another school year is less than two months away - time moves fast! This month we feature our hugely popular school insurance requirements database which should save you a lot of time when looking for your international student health insurance this year.


We hope you enjoy the newsletter, and as always let us know what you think!


Ross Mason


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> School Insurance Requirements

The new school year is rapidly approaching and although you may not be thinking about health insurance yet, purchasing an appropriate policy could be the most important thing you do. The Student Secure plan from International Student Insurance provides comprehensive, affordable coverage that provides peace of mind while studying outside your home country.


All schools in the USA require you to either purchase their insurance plan, or show proof of coverage that meets certain requirements. Making sure your plan meets the requirements of your school can be a little confusing so International Student Insurance has done all the hard work for you.


The School Requirements page lists most schools in the USA, and tells whether our Student Secure international student health insurance plan will meet your school's requirements. All you need to do is find your school - see that Student Secure meets your school's requirements - and then purchase online.


> RSS Feeds for Students

The amount of information now flying around the internet can make be hard to keep track of and to make sure you know about the latest news and information. RSS feeds are a great way to capture a lot of information and put it into an easy to read format. Think of RSS feeds as putting all your favorite websites into one place, so you can quickly scan and choose the things you want to read about.


To help students, we have created a quick "how to guide" for those who are not 100% sure what RSS feeds are and how they work. Hopefully this blog posting will give you some guidance on setting up an RSS feed and collating all the things you need into one place:


> From the Mailbag

This month we feature a post from our very popular ESL Forum. The forum is steadily becoming a top destination for students and teachers alike who are looking for help and advice with all things to do with learning English.


One recent post in the "Ask an ESL Teacher" thread is asking for help with a point of grammar:


Hello, I want to say something like this:

"The results of the study led the researchers to conclude that the type of treatment administered is suitable for the group."


My issue is with the word "is". Should it be "was"?

1) Please answer the question.
2) If you could point me to authoritative reference material on the internet that speak particularly about this issue, I would appreciate it.


If you would like to respond, please visit:


> Study in the UK

As seen from our Student News article this month, the UK is a major destination for many international students - and after you take a look you can certainly see why. The UK has some of the finest, oldest and best-established Universities in the world.


Everyone knows Oxford and Cambridge, but other top Universities like the University of Nottingham, UMIST and University of Bath, to just name a few, offer some of the very best courses available. To find out more about the UK,and to view online school video profiles, please check out UK


> Fun Site of the Month

We all know who David Hasselhoff is - some of us know him as Michael Knight from the hit TV series Knight Rider, others will know him as Mitch Buchanan from Baywatch, or for the unlucky ones you might know him as a pop star with a number of albums that he has released in a few countries.


But, did you know that he has a social networking website called the David Hasselhoff Social Network?? Launched only last week, the David Hasselhoff networking site, also know as "Hoff Space" has been jokingly called the new Facebook or MySpace killer - though I doubt this will happen. Its just a very funny site - and if you like David Hasselhof, sign up!


> Student News from Around the World

Study Shows International Students Rate UK Highest
(from the Times Online)


A market research firm in the UK, i-graduate, has completed a survey of over 11,000 prospective international students from 143 countries. After consideration of the reputation for quality of the educational system (at the top, along with the US), safety, and other lifestyle issues, the UK came out as the top choice for an international education destination. One interesting tidbit of information - more than two-thirds of international students choose a university first, over a country destination.


Click here to read the complete story in the Times Online


> Learn French

French is often called “the language of love”, but with well over 70 million native speakers and a further 190 million secondary speakers, it is also an important international business language.


If you choose to learn French in France, then because of the popularity of French cuisine, wine and fashion there are language courses that combine these elements with French language learning. In Quebec language schools might take you to see how maple syrup is produced, while in Belgium, you’re well placed to get an insight into the workings of the European Union. In Switzerland, for example, you might be in the classroom for your French course in the morning and then take to the ski slopes in the afternoon.


Click here to find your French course now and experience a unique language.


> International Internships

iHipo - the site for internships and jobs abroad has some interesting positions this month:

So if you are still seeking for your summer or fall internship this year, iHipo is well worth a visit! You can also use the networking functions to contact other interns and students in your areas of interest.


Introducing the new group Jobs at International Organizations for insider information on how to land a job at UN, Worldbank, IMF etc.


Kickstart your international career on iHipo today!


> IEFA Scholarships

Funding your education abroad is probably the number one barrier for many international students, as they struggle to come up with the needed funds to pay tuition, accommodation, and all the related expenses. Scholarships are one of the best ways to obtain such funding, and there are literally hundreds of scholarships just for international and study abroad students.


IEFA has a database alone which lists over 1,000 scholarships and awards which are designed just for international education. Visit today and start searching for all the awards that are available:


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on the new

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