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Issue 119 - January 2009

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Happy New Year!


As we start 2009, we begin the year with some great prizes to give away for all you budding European travelers - and we also have some news about what to do if you are looking for financial aid in 2009. With the financial markets in turmoil in the latter half of 2008 - get the latest update from our Financial Aid Expert!


Plus - don't forget to save where you can! Shop around for your student insurance, you will be surprised how much you can save.


Ross Mason


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> Student Insurance

studentsSave money on your international student health insurance plan by shopping around for alternatives - you will be surprised how much you can save while still getting better coverage and features. Most schools allow you to opt out of the (often expensive) school insurance plan if you can show you have a good plan in place already.


The Student Secure plan provides all the benefits you need and more, including:

  • Up to $300,000 in coverage
  • $50 deductible at Student Health Center
  • Mental Health and Maternity Coverage
  • Easy monthly payment options
  • Quick online application process
  • and much more....

What's more the Student Secure plan is affordable and for 6 months coverage pricing starts at:

US Citizens Studying Abroad - $198

International Students - $240

For more information and to apply online please visit:


> European Rail Passes

To celebrate the launch of the new European Rail Pass Center on, we are giving away a free UK Rail Pass in the month of January. The UK rail pass offers the following benefits:

  • 4 days First Class travel throughout the UK
  • Must be used within a 4 month window
  • Fully transferable - so you can give it to anyone

To be eligible to win the free UK rail pass, you just need to purchase any one of our European Rail Passes and you will be automatically entered into the draw. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter and then you will need to claim your prize by the 19th March 2009 and use the pass within 6 months. - Good Luck!


> 2009 Financial Aid Help

2008 was a very difficult year for students trying to fund an international education. With wild currency exchange fluctuations, incredible economic turmoil and the loss of most international student loan programs, the past year presented unprecedented challenges to anyone funding an international education.


For anyone who has their funding stable and complete for the duration of their studies, congratulations and keep your head down as you progress through your degree. For everyone else - the vast majority of students - best of luck as you piece together funding in what will likely prove to be another challenging year.


For a short update and review of the current status of international education financing as we enter 2009, and some tips on affording your international education, read the latest blog post in the International Financial Aid Blog.


> From the Mailbag

The forums have been growing in readership over the last year and we now have over 4,000 registered members and over 6,000 posts. This month we feature a post from a UK student who is looking to study in the USA - any help or advice you can provide just visit the forum and respond!

"I am currently midway through a 3 year degree in England (I finish June 2010). I would like continue my studies after this and do a Masters Degree in the US. I have a few ideas of where to continue my study (Computers Technologies) in the US, but I am not sure on how to apply for different things.

When do I need to start applying for a September/October 2010 start?

What type of VISA do I need to apply for? I wouldn't mind being able to work as well to afford to live there.

Any help on this matter would be great, I have googled about for these questions, but couldn't find anywhere to give straight enough answers."

You can respond to this post at:


> Fun Site of the Month

Want to take a light-hearted look at the latest breaking news?


The Onion is a satirical weekly publication published 52 times a year on Thursdays throughout most of the USA - and they also have a fantastic website which has articles, videos and much more with their "interesting" take on things. For example, have you ever heard of the MacBook Wheel? Its meant to be the very latest in computers from Apple - or is it?


For more fun and jokes - take a look at the Onion Website


> Student Internships

Starting into 2009, iHipo has some exciting opportunities in the international internship and entry-level jobs sector.


Latest Top Vacancies


Visit the leading site for international careers today at!


> Student News from Around the World

Are you currently studying outside your home country? If so, did you use an agency or consultant in your home country to help you through the process of applying to and attending a school abroad? Although common in most countries around the world, the use of agents to help recruit and enroll international students has not been popular in the US, as it has been considered somewhat unethical.


Not so, says an increasing number of US colleges and universities. Although there can be abuses, in-country agents and consultants can be a very effective tool for US schools and universities looking to expand their international student enrollment.


Read the latest on the increasing use of agents by US schools in this report in The Economist, called "The Americans are Coming."

> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on the new

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