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Issue 121 - March 2009

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Welcome to our 121st issue!


This month we would like to welcome all our new twitter followers and new newsletter subscribers. With now over 185,000 subscribers to our newsletter and new followers on our twitter feed each day - we thank you for all your support!


InHolland University in the Netherlands leads this month's newsletter and offers international students some great learning opportunities!


Ross Mason


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> Bachelor Degree in English

Choosing to study at INHolland University of Applied Sciences means choosing a university of higher professional education with the student at its heart. Not only do we provide modern, high quality education, but also personal learning plans. Students get the opportunity to establish interesting and useful networks with lecturers, peers and future employers, and to tailor their programme to match their individual preferences and ambitions.

INHolland is based across several campuses in the Netherlands, where you can take advantage of our modern, dynamic facilities with:

  • Education focused on learning in real-life projects
  • Internships to prepare you for your future career
  • Many different nationalities and a tolerant society
  • Reasonable tuition fees
  • In easy reach of the rest of Europe

For more information:


> Student Airfare Travel Special

With Spring Break right around the corner, we are offering an extra $20 off the price of any airfare purchased through our student airfare booking engine. With the already rock bottom prices and low-cost flights that are available through our student airfare center - this limited time offer saves you even more money.


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> Study Abroad Loans

Despite the credit crunch, loans for US students studying abroad are available at International Student Loan. In partnership with, International Student Loan is delighted to make available Discover Student Loans for US citizens and permanent residents studying abroad.


To qualify, you must be planning to study abroad through a school sanctioned study abroad program at either the undergraduate or graduate level, while attending an approved school within the USA.


To learn more about the competitve rates and requirements, and to apply right online, visit the study abroad page on International Student Loan:


> Student News - Job Fears for International Students

(From The Hawk - Saint Joseph's University student newspaper)

It's a Tuesday night and Alexis Ng, '09, is lounging on her couch watching the latest news after finishing her weekly babysitting duties. As the sole resident assistant of the second floor on the A-side of Merion Gardens apartment building, her door is usually wide open so anyone can feel comfortable entering if they need her help.

Ng's residence in Philadelphia is a far distance from her home in Singapore, where her parents live. Ng is a 21-year-old international marketing major who decided to come to America during her high school years, when representatives from Saint Joseph's University came to her school with a presentation about the university, its reputable business program, and its historic location. She wanted to try something new and explore a different country; of course, the university's offer of a scholarship helped as well.

These days, however, with the economic tide turning and graduation lurking around the corner, Ng is concerned with how she will fare in the job market as an international student.

She wants to work in America for at least the first four or five years after she graduates in May, although it will be challenging given the increasing competition for jobs and the additional pressure a student from abroad faces.


Read the rest of the story in The Hawk, the student newspaper for Saint Joseph's University.


> From the Mailbag

This month we have an international student posting in our Student Immigration Forum:

"Hi, my name's Phuong Hoang F-1 visa from Vietnam, senior in Applied Math, North Carolina State University. I did CPT from January to August 2008 as an Co-op student, but only authorzied to work until May. My company extend my job offer but I did not apply CPT authorization again for that.


The Office of International Services noticed that last week (after 6 months) and they terminated my status. I was fully unaware of this mistake and did return to school after summer. Now there is two choice:

(1) Fill out from I-539 for F-1 Reinstatement. But the instruction does said they only consider applicant that have not perform unauthorized work.

(2) Get new I-20 from the school. Leave the country and try to re-enter with this new I-20. I feel this is too risky, how can I get throught the U.S Embassy to obtain new visa and also the Immigration Check once I able to fly back.


What should I decide? Please HELP ME OUT, I have only one semester left to finish my degree.

If you have any input or can recommend some to help Phuong please respond at:


> Fun Site of the Month

WARNING! If you have any work to day, or get easily distracted then our Fun Site of the Month should be viewed with caution!


The March Fun Site of the Month comes from the British student website Student Beans - which is a great website if you're a student from the UK, with offers and discounts galore. But the part we like best is their games section and in particular the hugely popular Top Spinner game. The team at International Student are partial to a good web game and this is one of the most addictive and fun we have seen!


> Visa and Immigration Center

Are you trying to understand the types of visas available for international students to study and work in the USA? Need information on what to expect from your visa interview? Do you want to know how much work you can reasonably expect to perform while in the US as an F1 student?


For the answers to these and many other visa and immigration questions, as well as a thorough overview of US visa and immigration regulations pertaining to international students, visit the Visa and Immigration Center:


> iHipo International Internships

iHipo - The Site for International Careers, Jobs and Internships


This month the following internships are featured:

On iHipo you can connect with over 50,000 fellow students and graduates globally!


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on the new

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