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Issue 122 - April 2009

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Welcome to the 122nd edition of the International Student News! This month we have a packed edition with 2 great schools in the Netherlands offering programs for international students, InHolland and Leiden University - learn more about both schools below.


It's also tax time in the USA for international students - and ALL international students have to file a tax return, regardless if you earned any money so find out all the details online at our tax center.


We hope you enjoy our newsletter!


Ross Mason


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> Bachelors Degree in English - InHolland University

Choosing to study at INHolland University of Applied Sciences means choosing a university of higher professional education with the student at its heart. Not only do we provide modern, high quality education, but also personal learning plans. Students get the opportunity to establish interesting and useful networks with lecturers, peers and future employers, and to tailor their programme to match their individual preferences and ambitions.

INHolland is based across several campuses in the Netherlands, where you can take advantage of our modern, dynamic facilities with:

  • Education focused on learning in real-life projects
  • Internships to prepare you for your future career
  • Many different nationalities and a tolerant society
  • Reasonable tuition fees
  • In easy reach of the rest of Europe

For more information:


> Masters and Scholarship Programmes - Leiden University

Students (all nationalities) interested in studying at one of Europe's leading research universities on a one year full-time Masters and Scholarship programme in the following subject areas: Archaeology, Humanities, Law, Science, Social and Behavioural Sciences, and Medicine.


Most programmes are taught in English. This allows students from all over the world to study in Leiden in one of the many areas of international excellence of the University


What makes Leiden University special?

  • Strong emphasis on the quality of education and research
  • Broad range of programmes
  • Highly qualified teaching staff
  • A multi-cultural learning environment
  • Leiden is a student city where students feel safe and secure
  • Centrally located in between the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht

Deadline: October 15th 2009 for February 2010 start


For more information:


> International Student Taxes

Its that time of year again, when international students across the USA need to start thinking about completing and submitting their tax returns to the US government. It is a requirement that ALL students in the USA on a student visa submit and complete a tax return for the past year - even if you were not working or did not receive any income during 2008.


All international students are required to complete the form 8843, and depending on whether you received any income during the last 12 months or if you have any taxes withheld by your employer (if you were working), you may have to complete additional forms. If you worked, you may very well have money coming back to you!


The Tax Return center provides you with the guidance to find out what forms you need to complete, and then the online system will step you through the process to get those forms completed. Once done, you will be able to print off all your forms and send them in for processing - and with prices starting at just $9.99 per filing it will not break the bank to get your tax return done.


> Student News from Around the World

New UK Visa Rules Crack Down on Bogus Schools

from the Hindu online


New visa rules adopted last year were implemented by the UK Border Agency last Tuesday, the first of April. The new framework is intended to streamline the visa process and ensure that international students receive quality education. As a part of the new regulatory scheme, colleges and universities must apply for a license to accept international students. Over 2,000 applications were received - so far, over 1,000 have been approved and 460 have been rejected. With screening still under way, the number of licensed institutions will continue to rise.


Student visa applicants will see changes as well. According to Barbara Woodward from the UK Border Agency: "The process has been streamlined. To get a visa, students will have to show they have a place at a licensed college and funds in the bank to support them for the duration of the course."


Read the rest of the story in The Hindu


What Food We Miss the Most


The Chicago Tribune followed four international students to their favorite local eateries to see what foods from home they missed most. The students - from India, Korea, Serbia and Bosnia - share their thoughts on vada pav, warm weather and new foods that they've discovered in Chicago.


Read the story in the Tribune


> From the Mailbag

As you may have noticed, we have improved our forums, with upgraded software and a fresh new look and feel. We encourage you all to register for our forums and share your thoughts and experiences with each other - its a great way to learn from one another! You could also have the opportunity to have your post mentioned in our newsletter to over 190,000 students around the world...


This month we have a post about qualification verification - can you help our member?

"Hello. I have an unconditional offer from university. But there is one condition-i have to send them my verification of qualifications. Does that mean, that i have to send my first half-year results, or entire year qualifications with exam results.


And by the way, can they withdraw their offer, because ,for example, my marks are a little bit smaller than the ones i've sent to them.


Thank you for your answers."

If you have any input or can recommend some to help please respond at:


> Fun Site of the Month

This month's fun site of the month is for all budding musicians out there, and really even if you think you are not musical - wait till you see this site. The Tone Matrix is a fantastic little online matrix that allows you to create and compose no end of musical variations just by clicking on the various squares. So whether you are musically talented or not, just start clicking away and the Tone Matrix will play your tune back to you.


Check out the Tone Matrix online for some serious fun:


> International Phone and Sim Cards

When you travel or study abroad, taking your mobile phone from your home country will cost you a huge amount in international roaming charges. To avoid these fees, you can either purchase a prepaid mobile phone or if you plan to take your mobile phone with you - why not just purchase a new local sim card for the country you are traveling to?


International Student can provide you with sim cards for countries all around the world, including the USA and it can save you hundreds of dollars by using a local number and having local calling rates. To learn more about our phone and sim card options please check out:


> Language School Search

Learning a new language can be a challenge but also a great way to spend a vacation - learning Spanish on a trip to Argentina, or taking a 2 week English language course in the Cotswold's countryside in the UK. There are many ways in which you can learn a new language, and our Language School Search will provide you with all the tools to look for courses around the world.


Our featured ESL school search provides over 1,000 schools all over the world that offer English as a second language courses - so visit our Language School Search today for more information:


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you! And please give us your thoughts, good or bad, on the new

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