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International Student News


Issue 137 - July 2010

An InternationalStudent.com Publication

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Welcome to the 137th International Student Newsletter!


This month, we're delighted to announce the launch of our all-new US college and university search. InternationalStudent.com provides a wealth of resources to international students planning to study in the USA, and we wanted to provide a top-notch school search that's as good as all of our other resources. The new search features only those schools that are authorized to admit international students - over 2,300 US colleges and universities.


We're also busy getting ready for the back-to-school season which is almost upon us - so check out our list of back to school essentials we've put together to keep you organized.


Ross Mason

Editor, InternationalStudent.com

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> Study in the USA School Search

usa mapInternationalStudent.com, the leading portal for information, resources, products and services for international students in the USA or planning to come to the USA, is proud to announce the launch of its Study USA college and university search. The InternationalStudent.com Study USA School Search will quickly become a market leader, as it offers unmatched functionality and value for students and schools.



As a student, you can search for a college or university in the USA by geography or other criteria, like affordability. Unlike school search tools designed for US students, the search features only those colleges and universities that admit international students, so there are less irrelevant schools to distract you. And all schools that admit international students are listed, not just those that choose to advertise with us. Once logged in, you can contact a school directly, or save the school to your account for later use.


Visit the Study USA School Search and create your free account today.


School Administrators

As a school administrator, the Study USA School Search offers a free, targeted recruiting opportunity, to reach international students around the world. Simply sign up to "adopt" your school, and once you do you can update the listing as you see fit, download reports of all students interested in your school, and receive live leads the minute a student expresses interest in your school. With fierce competition for international students, and the thousands of dollars spent on recruiting, this free tool is a must-have for all US schools that recruit international students.


Sign up your school today with a free school administrator account.


> Back to School Essentials

With the school year starting for many students next month, back to school fever is hitting us with students looking for everything from last minute funding, to student insurance, to calling cards and much more! Here are a few things to get you started:

International Student Loan is delighted to announce the addition of over 1,000 schools to its approved school list - so now many more international students in the US and US students around the world are eligible to apply. Visit the updated site today to start your loan application:




Don't pay more for your health insurance than you need to - buy or renew your insurance plan from International Student Insurance. With our school requirements database, you can quickly check if our plans meet your school's requirements, and then purchase online in minutes. Often hundreds of dollars less than a school-sponsored plan, our plans are comprehensive and backed by an A+ rated insurer. Find out more by visiting:




One mistake many students make when they are abroad is to use their cell phone as they would when back home, and they incur huge roaming costs! To avoid this, there are a number of options you have including purchasing an international calling card and sim card in tandem for your time abroad. Find out more by visiting:




As an international student, take advantage of your status and apply for an international student ID card - offering you discounts and special offers for all around the world to major attractions, local cinemas, and much more! Find out all the information and apply for one today:



For more on back to school essentials, please also visit our facebook fan page and follow us on twitter for more special offers and discounts that we offer to international students.


> Student News From Around the World

Emergence of China and India Higher Education not a "Threat"

(from the Australian online)


As a Chinese university administrator, I find myself slightly shocked, as well as bemused, by the message delivered by some influential people and the media that huge dedicated investment in higher education by China and India somehow constitutes a threat to Australia's higher education industry.


Back home, "China threat" - an expression coined by Western countries - has entered our vocabulary as household words. Foreigners who use this phrase mainly interpret China's emergence as an economic and aspiring military superpower as a threat to the national interests of the US and Asia-Pacific security.


Read the rest of the story in the Australian online:


> From the Mailbag

This month we have a post from our study in the UK forum, where one of our members is asking some questions about studying in the UK. If you are able to help you - please post your comments and thoughts to help them out:

Hello! I wanted to ask if the 1 year MS in UK is any different from the 2yr MS in USA?

Will i find it difficult to get a job in the US after doin MS in the UK?

As the IELTS is only an english language test what are the other factors considerd by a good college for granting admission?

You can view this post to answer them at:



> Fun Site of the Month

Is it a bot? Is it a person? We haven't figured it out yet, but we have sure had some strange conversations. Cleverbot.com lets you ask questions, ponder or just converse with . . . well that's the part we don't really get. Try it - ask any question you like to get started - and see where the CleverBot takes you:




> International Student Athletes in the USA

As college athletics in the USA continues to grow more and more competitive, colleges look internationally for athletes more than ever. The NCAA, the body governing all inter-collegiate athletics in the USA, has developed some resources to help determine eligibility of an international student to compete for a US college or university in inter-collegiate sports.


Visit the International Student Blog to see the recent post on the NCAA's Frequently Asked Questions for international athletes.


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you!

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