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International Student News


Issue 138 - August 2010

An InternationalStudent.com Publication

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Welcome to the 138th International Student Newsletter!


This month, we introduce the Student Secure Smart, a lower cost international student health insurance option, still offering essential coverage like the other Student Secure plans, but designed to cost even less. And we briefly discuss the concept of a conditional letter of acceptance - for those looking to study in the USA, but who still need to improve their English, it is an excellent option.


We are working furiously right now in advance of the new semester - please let us know if there is something else international students need to hear about and we will do our best.


Best of luck as you start the new school year!


Ross Mason

Editor, InternationalStudent.com


> Back to School Health Insurance

back to school insurance

The 2010/ 2011 school year is right upon us, and for international students it's time to make sure you have purchased a proper insurance plan and can show proof of health insurance coverage to your school.


Most schools will offer you an international student health insurance plan, which can be costly and may not provide you with the benefits you want - so take the opportunity to save money and purchase a plan where you have the option to make sure it provides everything you need.


The Student Secure plan now comes in 3 plan levels; Smart, Budget and Select - so no matter what your requirements we should have a plan to fit your needs and save you money!


In the USA pricing starts at just:


$33/ month


$39/ month


$59/ month

Compare all your plan options online and find out more today!



> What is Conditional Admission?

Attending a university in the USA is a big step. Being away from familiar surroundings can be difficult.

Imagine your comfort if you knew which college you would be attending -- months in advance. This can be accomplished by being awarded a Conditional Letter of Admission (CLA).

When a university issues you a CLA, it means that it has decided that you are academically admissible, based on your academic record and any other university requirements. A CLA states the conditions that must be satisfied in order to turn Conditional Admission into Full Admission. Meet these requirements, and you will be able to begin your classes.


Achievement of English language proficiency is one requirement. 600+ US universities accept ELS Intensive English program completion as fulfillment of the English language requirement! For more information, please click here.


> English as a Second Language Concierge Service

The hugely popular "Concierge Service" has now been made available to students who are looking to improve their English as a Second Language. The ESL Directory now offers the concierge service for students from all around the world - and the service is totally free!


Simply submit your details and then let the ESL Concierge Service do the work for you! Your information will be shared with ESL schools that are interested in you, and those schools may contact you directly with information about their campus and programs. We have partnerships with ESL schools and programs all over the world who are looking to recruit international students - and we will match you directly with those schools.


> Student News From Around the World

Crackdowns on International Education Around the World


International education is booming, as more and more students embrace the benefits of studying in another country. Anytime there is explosive growth in an industry, there are growing pains, and recently there have been several high-profile problems and reactions in international education around the world.


Centenary College is closing down their international programs in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan, and offering students the option of either a full refund or taking a comprehensive test, in the aftermath of an epidemic of cheating that the school felt left it with no other legitimate options, according to a story in the USA Today online.


"It's not uncommon for colleges to discontinue academic programs overseas for financial reasons. But Centenary College, in New Jersey, is shutting down an M.B.A. program in Asia to contain a plagiarism epidemic. About 400 students are currently enrolled in the program at locations in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan."


Read the rest of the story in the USA Today.


The UK is cracking down on schools catering to international students, requiring additional certification to allow schools to admit international students, and now requiring English language certification for university programs. The new requirements will not apply to English language programs, but for university admissions it will be an additional step for many international students. Read the full story in the Guardian.


And in Australia, a spate of violence directed towards international students has dominated headlines for months, along with proposed counter-measures. Most recently, Australia has made changes to its immigration policy, which will result in fewer international students being able to stay in Australia after they have finished their studies. Within the international education community in Australia, there is great concern that the new policy will deter students from coming - read the full story in Reportage Online.


> From the Mailbag

This month we have a post from our immigration forum, where one of our members is asking some immigration questions in regards to F1 students coming into the USA. If you can help please log into our forums and post a reply:

I know that Canadian citizens can obtain the F1 status at the airport when they arrive. Is it also the case for Canadian Permanent Residents? [Background: I have been accepted to Graduate school in NYC. I am a Canadian Permanent Resident. I have Mexican citizenship and a tourist visa that allows me to visit the US as a tourist whenever I want to) Thanks for the info.

You can view this post to answer them at:



> Fun Site of the Month

What does Quirky do? Well...


In a nutshell, Quirky.com provides you with a social platform to submit ideas, vote and rate other ideas up into development and then buy those products that were voted the best. Its an excellent website that allows all those budding inventors a platform to submit and share ideas, help others and at the same time make some cold hard cash! Quirky is a pretty cool site and there are some excellent products on there so check it out today.


> Student ID Cards

As students head back to school for the new semester, we have an excellent offer to get $5 off your student ID card. The ISE International Student ID Card provides you not only with excellent discounts and savings all around the world, but also a calling card built in and airline bankruptcy protection up to $2,000!


To get the $5 discount, enter "intstudent" at the checkout! But hurry, the promotion runs this month only.


> Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you!

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