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International Student News


Issue 148 - June 2011

An InternationalStudent.com Publication

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Welcome to the 148th issue of the International Student News!


We come to you this month from Vancouver, Canada, where we are attending the NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Annual Conference.


If you are attending the conference this year, please be sure to stop by our booth and say hello - we would love to meet you! We are at booth 631 and booth 1321.


Ross Mason

Editor, InternationalStudent.com



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> Study in the USA School Search

study in the USA

If you are an international student looking to study in the USA, we just made things a little bit easier for you. The InternationalStudent.com Study in the USA School Search is now at the top of our homepage allowing you quick and easy access to log into your account and to jump to the state you are interested in or see all of our featured schools.


As we roll out the school search tool, we will be adding more featured schools with more information, resources and pictures to help you make the right choice - so keep checking back over the course of the month as new ones will be added!


> Learn English with ELS

Over the past 45 years ELS has helped one million students - just like you - meet their English language study goals in the US, by providing a unique American experience and intensive English immersion programs of the highest caliber! ELS English programs are offered for students who wish to attend a college or university in the US, need Business English to advance in a career, or simply want to improve their English and explore the US.


With over 50 locations across the US, most on university campuses, ELS allows you to select the study environment and program that is perfect for you! Please see all their listed locations and learn more about what they can offer students coming into the USA.




> Schools in the USA that Award Financial Aid

Did you know that schools in the USA will offer international students varying amounts of financial aid to study at their school? Depending on the school, this could be as much as 50% of the tuition or sometimes even more. However, trying to find this information is not always easy - you need to delve deep into the school's website and look through all the fine print to see what is actually offered.


To help students find schools offering aid, the Schools in the USA that Award Financial Aid database was created, allowing students to quickly search by state and find the school they are interested in and how much aid they award international students. It can be an excellent way to start your search for schools, especially if your finances are a little tight!


> Student News From Around the World

As Chinese enrollment soars, beware the recruiters!

As Chinese wealth continues to grow, more and more Chinese families can afford to educate their one child overseas. This year, Chinese students are studying abroad in record numbers, passing India as the leading sender of students to the USA and leading the way in many other countries as well. In any boom market, abuse can flourish more easily, and the surge of Chinese students abroad is no exception, as reports of abuse in the recruiting of Chinese students have appeared.


Most Chinese students use agents to help them select and apply to US colleges, and most have no problem. However, this story in Bloomberg highlights some of the dangers involved when recruiting runs amok: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-05-22/china-rush-to-u-s-colleges-reveals-predatory-fees.html

> From the Mailbag

This month we feature a question from one of our forum members - they ask:

"Hello - I am an international student on F-1 visa, currently pursuing my BSN as a second-degree. Coming near to graduation date in may 2012, I am very excited of the prospects of transitioning to becoming an RN. However, with the current nursing market, I might have a disadvantage during my job search process. Does anybody know of employers (anywhere in the U.S.) that provide sponsorship (visa/green card) for new graduate nurses? Thank you"

If you would like to help out and answer their question, or join in the conversation and post your own questions and answers - please see our international student forums online.


> Fun Site of the Month

I am sure many of our readers are cricket fans, whether its following the Indian Premier League, or any of the many test matches that occur around the world each year, you will most likely enjoy any way to get your fix during the year. Now with Howzat, you can play online with friends from all around the world without ever needing to leave your computer screen.


We have had hours of fun playing this game, and we think you will too! Check it out and let us know what you think....


> Study in Texas

As anyone who has ever visited Texas will tell you, this state has much more to offer international students than modern day American cowboys riding their wild horses through cactus-sprinkled, sun-kissed desert landscapes (although that’s a pretty exciting part of its cultural heritage as well!). The truth is less than 10% of Texas is desert terrain. That said, the most populated towns and major cities of Texas (which include Houston, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Greater Houston, El Paso, and the state’s capital, Austin) are spread along its prairies, grasslands, forests, and coastal regions. International students considering studying in Texas will find a wide range of colleges, technical schools, and universities to choose from in these areas.


There are several university systems welcoming international students in Texas, including the reputable Texas A&M, Texas State, Texas Tech, University of Houston, University of North Texas, and University of Texas systems of satellite campuses. Additionally, there are over 50 independently run public and private universities to choose from within the state. To learn more about Texas, please visit our dedicated Texas page for international students.


> Final Word

We hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter, and best of luck to you as you pursue or help others pursue an international education! As always please contact us with any questions or comments you have about the newsletter - we love to hear from you!

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