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International Student News

Issue 162 - August 2012

An InternationalStudent.com Publication

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Welcome to the 162nd issue of the International Student News!


This month is the busiest month for international students here in the USA, orientation starts at most schools and students are busy finishing their last minute preparations for the new school year.


When enrolling in classes, make sure to look at alternative insurance options - school insurance plans cost more this year than ever, and we have some excellent options that will still meet your school's requirements and could save you up to $800!


Ross Mason

Editor, InternationalStudent.com



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> Save up to $800 on insurance this year!

student insuranceThe new school year is right upon us and for all students enrolling in classes, you will either need to purchase coverage under your school's insurance plan - or show proof of an alternative insurance plan that meets your school's requirements. With most school insurance plans costing upwards of $1,000 or more, the Student Secure is an excellent coverage option and could save you money!


Benefits also include:

  • Up to $300,000 policy maximum
  • Hospitalization and doctors visits
  • Mental health/ maternity
  • Sports coverage
  • Monthly payment options


The plan starts at just $33/ month and will meet most schools' insurance requirements. We will even help you complete your waiver form - so contact us today and save!


> Student Loan Comparison

Even though many students are starting to enroll in classes, it's not too late to apply for an international student loan and receive funding for the 2012/2013 school year. International Student Loan offers the best solution for students by allowing them to compare funding options from up to 8 different lenders at any one time.


The comparison tool is quick and easy; confirm your citizenship and your school - you will then be presented with different loan options for international students at your school. Start comparing loan options today and funding could be with you in a few weeks!


> Meet with US Colleges and Universities

Hobsons Virtual Student Fairs offer students around the world the opportunity to obtain information, advice and services online, directly from school representatives, without the need to leave your home or your computer! Some of the features the fairs offer include:

  • Talk live with admissions representatives from over 20 U.S. colleges and universities!
  • Live chat or video chat with international students like you who are already on campus
  • Watch student video webcasts and download them
  • Be eligible to win USD 3,000 in scholarships: you just have to attend the fair!

Register today and meet with schools all over the USA!


> Student News From Around the World

Dannish Minisiters outline plans to increase international student numbers


Ministers in Denmark have outlined their vision to increase the number of international students coming to Denmark to study each year, arguing that Denmark is falling behind other countries in Europe. The ministers – science, innovation and higher education minister Morten Østergaard (Radikale), children and education minister Christine Antorini (Socialdemokraterne) and trade and investment minister Pia Olsen Dyhr (Socialistisk Folkeparti) – outlined their vision saying that Denmark needs to increase the number of vocational courses that are offered in English to students. They value the international students market globally to be around $2.2 trillion each year, which equates to almost ten times Denmark’s gross domestic product. If their plans are pushed through, we could see more English language programs offered in Denmark over the coming years.


Read the full article online to learn more about the proposal.


> From the Mailbag

This month we have a posting from our Study in the USA forum from an international student asking a question about MBA programs:

Hi - I'm a international student and permanent resident in the US. I want to continue my study in MBA (Accounting) but I am unable to get good score in GMAT for admission in business school. I need help, if anybody gives me idea about business school without good gmat score.

If you would like to add a response, or help this international student, please visit our forums and post a response to help them out!


> Fun Site of the Month

Most of us have smartphones - amazing devices that can email, surf the web, text message and even make phone calls! But turn-by-turn navigation that actually works has been limited to expensive apps that can cost up to $50. That is until "Waze" stepped up, offering free turn-by-turn navigation along with social integration. The social features are one of the best parts of this app - as people from your area report traffic incidents, the app will re-route you on a better route. Check it out and let us know what you think!


> Study Business

Why study business in the USA? Evidence suggests that students flock to the business colleges of America's great universities because they see the strength of these programs as the best preparation for a good job both in the United States and at home. The USA is home to some of the best business schools in the world - and each year international students apply and attend schools to get the very best business education they can. With the International Student Study Business center, you can learn about the different programs available, what is on offer and how to contact schools. It's an excellent resource for any students looking to study business in the USA.


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