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Issue Number 186 - August 2014
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August is a busy time for students, as most of you are getting ready for the new school year! Whether you are a freshman or senior, August is a time where most students are packing their bags, balancing their budget, getting their insurance in order, and preparing to meet a whole group of new friends! This month’s newsletter is jam packed with information to make this process even easier.
From the team here, we wish you a successful school year!
International Student Team

Save up to $800 on your student insurance!

Before you can register for classes, your school will require you to show proof of health insurance coverage for your time abroad. You can either purchase your school’s plan (if they have one) or find an alternative, often cheaper option.

Our Student Health plan comes in three levels and starts at just $30 per month - it is an excellent insurance solution for international students and will provide coverage for doctors visits, hospitalizations, prescription drugs, maternity, mental health and pre-existing conditions.

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Going On This Month
Aug: 08
How to Be The Roommate Everyone Wants Hangout (LIVE)
Having a roommate is part of the US college experience. Check out this hangout to learn how you can make a good impression and to make a friendship that will last a lifetime.
Aug: 13
CollegeWeekLive International Student Day
CollegeWeekLive is hosting their International Student’s Day. This free online event, supported by EducationUSA, and is your chance to meet with over 80 US schools
Aug: 15
Finding Study Abroad Loans Hangout (LIVE)
Study abroad loans are available to US students going abroad. Learn more about how you can get the money you need to study overseas.
Aug: 28
Meet the State University of New York at Brockport (LIVE)
Join our Hangout to learn more about and have your questions answered by Aleta Anthony, the Associate Director of International Recruiting at The College of Brockport.
Aug: 31
Deadline to Enter the Summer Fun Competition
Deadline to enter the International Student Insurance Summer Fun Competition, with your chance to win up to $1,000. Enter today and share with your friends!

International Student Loans - Apply Now

Getting enough money to cover your education expenses is not easy. Financial aid is limited, and the school year is approaching fast! If you need money for the new school year, international student loans are available and you can borrow up to the total cost of your education. Apply now, and you’ll get the money just in time for the new semester.

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Summer Contests!

The Financial Aid Fun contest hosted with International Student Loan is over, and what’s left are three winners- each with an extra $100 in their pocket. If you missed the winner announcement, here they are!

Week 1: Islam Taher
Week 2: Sunshine Darling
Week 3: Bò Bụ Bẫm

If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, don’t worry- enter to win up to $1,000 through the International Student Insurance sponsored Summer Fun Competition!

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Ask an Advisor

The new semester is almost here and we know you have a ton of questions! Whether you need to know how to apply to a US school, what documents you need to bring abroad or just want a few great tips on being a new international student- we have Corry Spring from Felician College ready to help! As the current Director of International Enrollment Services at Felician College and having been involved with international education since 2003, Corry is a great person to give you the answers you need.

Ask Now!
Featured Schools Of The Month

Hult International Business School - Looking to study business in one of the top business schools? Hult offers Bachelor’s and MBA’s in business as well as Masters degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Hult International has campuses in San Francisco, Boston, London, Dubai and Shanghai.

Grayson College - Looking to get your foot in the door into a US institution all while earning credits towards your four year degree? Grayson offers two year degrees on their campus with transfer agreements with prestigious four year colleges and universities.

Rochester Institute of Technology - Are you a Techie, a math wiz a computer junkie or into the fine arts? RIT is known for their technology, computer and engineering programs and also are consistently ranked in the top ten US destinations for their fine arts programs by US News and World Report.

Find a US School You Can Afford

The hunt to find a US school to attend next Spring should start now. Instead of picking any school that looks like it might be a good choice, choose one you can actually afford! Making this decision consists of more than hoping loans will cover everything. You must make a strategic choice by finding a school you can actually afford. After all, you’re going to have to pay back those loans at some point, make sure you can afford the amount you take out!

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