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Issue # 203 - January 2016
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2016 is here, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season! With the start of the new semester, this month’s newsletter will make sure you are set with tips on how you can save money, obtain financial aid, and start the year off right.

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International Student Team

Save up to $2,000 on Health Insurance!

With the cost of school insurance plans continuing to rise, now is a great time to look at alternative options. Check to see if your school will allow you to waive their plan, and if so, purchase coverage that could save you money.

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Need Money For The New Semester?

If you are stressed with all of your expenses this semester - tuition, living expenses, books, and more! - then you may need help getting some extra money. Scholarships and loans can be a great way to do this, learn more here:

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Featured Schools Of The Month

Rockland Community College is located just outside the exciting fast-paced environment of New York City. Their award winning faculty work closely with students to ensure their success and help meet their goals.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice has evolved into the premier international leader when it comes to education for careers in criminal justice. With over 25 majors to choose from, students will surely be able to find their perfect fit.

University of Dayton is home to international students ranging from over 40 different countries worldwide. From having more than 200 student groups and organizations and 17 Division 1 sports teams, your excitement will be unforgettable.

Studying Criminal Justice Inside The US

questionIf you want to study criminal justice inside the US make sure you join our next Hangout On Air on January 21st at 11am EST. We will have a special guest, Colin Wiggins from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, giving live information on studying criminal justice. Reserve your spot to join!

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Heading Back to College in 2016

2016 is here and it’s the perfect time to set goals! Get a few ideas on how you can be productive (and happy) in the New Year.

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Ask Colin Wiggins from John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Can’t join our live Hangout On Air but need information on studying criminal justice? Luckily, you have all month to ask Colin your questions! Just visit his January 2016 guest advisor page and get the answers to the questions you have.

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