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Issue # 204 - February 2016
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This month we’ve got a lot of events coming up, and we hope you’ll join us! Mark your calendars for our Mississippi State University Hangout, College Week Live Fair, and don’t forget to ask Brenda, our newest advisor from Monmouth College, who will be answering your questions all this month!

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International Student Team

Going on This Month

Feb: 26
Mississippi State University Live Google Hangout
Feb: 29
Last Day to Ask Brenda your Questions

Mississippi State University Hangout

Join us Friday, February 26th at 1:00 PM EST, as we join Mississippi State for a live on-air Google Hangout. This Hangout is for students in Latin America interested in studying in the U.S. and gives you the opportunity to chat and ask questions with admission counselors and other students from Latin America currently studying at MSU.

Join The Hangout

Insurance and Terrorism Coverage

Following several high-profile terrorist attacks in recent months, understanding what your health insurance plan could cover in the event of tragedy is extremely important. Read this blog to learn the basics of terrorism coverage and the importance of of travel warnings.

Terrorism Coverage

Student Loans for the Spring Semester

If you need help funding your education, international student loans can help! You can borrow up to the total cost of your education, including your room and board, books and supplies, tuition, and more!

Find a Student Loan

Is a Career in Criminal Justice for You?

questionEver consider studying criminal justice? Shows like CSI have made this field a popular option for students. Learn more to see if it’s right for you:

Study Criminal Justice
Learn more about what it’s like to study criminal justice in our Study Center. Here you’ll see the different types of criminal justice tracks and what you can expect to learn. >> Learn more <<

Hangout with John Jay

If you want to study criminal justice, check out our hangout with John Jay College of Criminal Justice - one of the most prominent schools in the field.

Watch Now

Study at John Jay College

Want to study in New York and pursue a career in Criminal Justice? Learn more about what John Jay College of Criminal Justice has to offer.

Get Info

Real Questions from Real Students

Did you know that our International Student Forum allows you to post your question, give other students advice and simply browse through informative threads? If you haven’t visited our Forum you’re missing out on great information! Here’s one question that was addressed and might also help you!

“I got admitted to three colleges...I was hoping to go in spring term but due to some things, I postponed it to the fall term which starts in august...since I have all my documents now (bank and tax returns), is it ok to apply for a visa for the fall term? I don’t intend at all to go to the US before August the 15th. How does the embassy feel about this?”

Visit the International Student Forum to see the answer to this question and many others!

Join The Community

Ask Brenda Your Questions!

Do you have a question about becoming an international student inside the United States? If so, ask an international student expert! Our February guest advisor is Brenda Tooley, Associate Dean and Director of International Recruitment at Monmouth College, and she’s ready to answer your questions! Get an answer to your question by asking Brenda.

Ask Now

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