In this issue:
• Enjoy your final days of summer
• Find a US college and insurance plan
• Ask Arthur your questions

Issue # 209 - July 2016
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The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: Summer! If you’re still in the process of trying to study in the US there’s help for you in this issue: check out our latest featured schools, find an international student loan, save money on insurance and more…

Best wishes,

The International Student Team

Make Each Summer Day Impactful!

How should you spend your time this summer? Whether mainly having fun or preparing for your upcoming studies…how about a little of both:

Enjoy your Break

Ways to Spend Your Time

Get ideas on how you can get the most out of your summer before you study in the US.

Top US Road Trips

Take a road trip! To make it even easier we’ve taken the work out of planning for you, check out these top 3 road trip routes.

How to Rent a Car

Get all of the details on how to make a car rental happen so you can become a road warrior!

Take Care of Business

Buy Student Insurance

Your school will require you to purchase a student health insurance plan when studying in the USA. Save money (sometimes as much as $1,000) by purchasing your own plan!

Finalize Your School Application

Double check when the deadline for the college or university of your choice is and mark it on your calendar! If you need to find a school to attend visit our school search and start looking.

Get an International Student Loan

Student Loans Using our loan finder tool takes less than 10 seconds and lets you know immediately if a lender is available at your school! Start your search now and mark it off your “to-do” list. 

Pick Your Classes 

Before you juggling around different class schedule options check out this video on picking your classes for tips to make the process as easy as possible.   

Choose Your Major

Before deciding on a major do some research on the industry you’re considering so you can have a career you love. If you need help deciding on a major talk to your school’s career counselor and watch our informative Hangout.

Find Your Calling at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo!

Students at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo do more than just go to lecture hall each day. Everyday students at Cal Poly have access to hands-on learning and are solving real life problems. You will have the opportunity to learn at their state-of-the-art facilities, enter competitions that solve real-world problems, and work with experienced teachers. Find out where your calling is today at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo!  

Get More Details

Search for English Language Programs

questionThe ESL Directory has been relaunched, even bigger and better than before!  The new and improved search tool lets you narrow your English school search by the type of program such as test prep, bridge programs, general English and you’ll also find more comprehensive information about the costs, housing details and details of each program.

Search Today!

Ask Arthur Your Questions!

Arthur Breland from Beulah Heights University is our July guest advisor and he’s ready to answer your questions on being and becoming an international student! Arthur is the Director of Admissions and Senior International Student Advisor at Beulah Heights University and has worked in the field since 2011.

Beulah Heights University is located in Atlanta, Georgia. After being founded in 1918, they’re now known as one of the nation’s oldest and fastest growing Christian universities, and acknowledged for their academic pursuits and dedication to the Christian ministry.

Ask Now

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