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• Save Money On Your Insurance
• Surviving College Outside The Classroom
• International Student Loans With No Cosigner

Issue # 210 - August 2016
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It’s that time again. The new school year is upon us! In this month’s issue we welcome you back with everything you need to kick off the school year right. Check out our guide on how to survive college - outside the classroom. We also are excited to now offer international student loans without a cosigner for select schools and we can help you save money on your insurance! Team

Affordable International Student Insurance

Most colleges and universities require that you have insurance for the entire period you are studying outside of your home country. If you are planning to go abroad, it’s important to make sure you are properly covered.’s Insurance Section has great plans starting from $29/month. With these plans you can begin coverage as soon as the same day and get your documents instantly.

Get Insured

Your Guide to Outside the Classroom

If you’re studying in the US next semester you’ve more than likely already researched your flights, health insurance and any pre-semester travel you want to take. Although those items should be at the top of your “to-do” list, don’t forget to also prepare for the changes your social life is about to go through!

How to Get Active on your Campus

Getting involved on campus is one of the quickest ways to meet new people and to make your new US school feel like your home away from home. Here are ways to get involved.

Tips on Dating in the United States

Rules on dating vary greatly from one country to the next, so before asking that special someone to dinner, be sure you’re familiar with our tips on dating in the US.

Yes, Culture Shock is Real

Not only is it real, but you’ll more than likely experience it during your time in the States. The good news is there are ways to tell if you have developed culture shock and helpful tips to deal with it.

Beyond Your Physical Health

Becoming an international student inside the US will be one of the most exciting times in your life - but also one of the most stressful. Taking care of your mental health should be a top priority and can help ease the transition. Watch this video for tips.

No Cosigner International Student Loans Now Available

International student loans are now available without a cosigner at select schools. If you are enrolled in a graduate program or within two years of graduation from an undergraduate program at an approved school in the US, you may qualify. There’s no better time than now to see if you are eligible for one of these student loans!

Find A Loan
Featured Schools Of The Month

Arizona State University - Global Launch English Language Center: Take your English to the next level at Arizona State University’s Global Launch English Language learning center! Their Global Launch program has helped students from more than 160 countries improve their English language skills. Upon completion you'll be ready to start your degree at ASU, one of the nation's top universities for innovation.

Epic Flight Academy: Are you interested in aviation and want to become a pilot? The Epic Flight Academy offers aviation training and commercial pilot courses to help you become a licensed pilot in several countries! Located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, you will train and fly where the weather is sunny all year long.

Northwest Missouri State University: Are you concerned about how you’re going to afford a stack of textbooks and a new laptop for school? Believe it or not, undergraduate students at Northwest Missouri State University receive a free laptop for the duration of their studies. Perhaps best of all, textbooks are already included in tuition! In four years, students at Northwest can easily save $7,200 in textbook and laptop fees, making it a great choice for international students on a budget.

Ask Vera Your Questions!

Please welcome Vera Vlasenko as our August Advisor! Originally from Uzbekistan, Vera personally knows the challenges facing international students as they make the adjustment to studying in the US. She is currently the International Student and Scholar Advisor at Westfield State University and is ready to answer your questions!

Westfield State University is located 90 miles west of Boston in Massachusetts. WSU has one of the highest six-year graduation rates among the Massachusetts universities and ranked in US News and World Report – Best Regional Universities.

Ask Now

International Student
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