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• Travel Video Contest Now Open
• Sexual Assault Awareness Video
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Issue # 211 - September 2016
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Classes are back in session and summer already seems like a distant memory. In this issue we have a lot of great things for you to check out between study sessions: our Travel Video Contest is now open for entries, has released yet another helpful video, and if you’re still trying to study in the US we have an ESL virtual fair that you can join for free!

Fall wishes,
International Student Team

Your Chance to Win $4,000 is Back!

Our 2016 Travel Video contest is now open and we couldn’t be more excited to watch your video. If you’re not familiar with our contest make sure you get more details, start filming and enter to win before the October 14th deadline!

Enter to Win

Sexual Assault Awareness

Studies show that as many as 1 in 5 women are assaulted while in college, and over the last few year there has been a lot of media attention around this subject, with some high profile cases.

As an international student, the laws in the USA might differ from your home country and with this short video we give you all the details about sexual assault, consent, how to prevent an assault and what to do if one does occur.

Watch the Video

Join the ESLdirectory Virtual Fair

Want to learn English but have questions on where to start? Searching for a program can be difficult which is why ESLdirectory has partnered with CollegeWeekLive to bring you the ESLdirectory Virtual Fair! This free online event allows you to find the a great English program. Join now so you can talk directly with a school representative to find the answers to your ESL questions!

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Featured ESL Schools Of The Month

Agape English Language Institute: This institute has four different locations at some of South Carolina’s top public universities as well as technical schools for those who want to be certified in a certain skill. At any level learn how to speak, read and write in English after their 9-week program and take advantage of their homestay options.

University of Wisconsin La Crosse ESL: Allow their helpful teachers and tutors to help you improve your English language skills. Designed for non-native English speakers that also want to enroll at the university, their ESL program is for individuals who want to strengthen their English skills for personal or business reasons.

University of Kansas: Located in the foothills of Kansas, their campus is safe, affordable and friendly. Students in their ESL program enjoy the US college experience by taking trips to nearby attractions, visiting local businesses to gain insight into their career and watching the school’s football games. You can choose to take either their summer or academic year-long ESL programs.

Apply for an International Student Loan

If you’re still searching for a way to help fund this year’s college costs there’s still time to apply for a loan! See what lenders are available to you and if you’re able to get an international student loan.

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How to Have a Social Life as an International Student

Classes have started and you’re already swamped in a sea of projects, essays, tests and reading assignments. Before you know it the year will be over- make sure you also enjoy your time in the US! If you’re having problems making friends these tips can help.

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Ask Michelle Your Questions!

Say hello to our September guest advisor Michelle Kowalsky, Director of International Admissions at Western New England University. Michelle has 13 years of international admissions experience and has helped students from over 25 different countries apply, graduate and experience OPT.

Ask Now

International Student
1101 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036

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