In this issue: Valentine's Day, Traveling Savings, Essay Writing, Activism and more!

February Edition #240

We’re in the second month of the semester meaning soon exams and papers will be due, but you also have Cupid flying in for Valentine’s Day to look forward to. Of course, you’ll also be gearing towards Spring Break with March just around the bend as well. Amidst these things, campuses are abuzz about what’s going on in US politics. So in this month’s newsletter, we’ll chat about it all: How Valentine’s Day in the US is celebrated, tips on how to save money traveling for Spring Break, some essay tips for those papers you’ll be submitting, and how to navigate a campus full of politically charged opinions. Sit back, read up, and enjoy.

The International Student Team


Valentine's Day in the USA

You’ve already seen the Valentine’s Day displays in just about every store there is. They’re surrounded with tons of hearts, balloons, chocolates, and flowers. But what exactly is Valentine’s Day all about in the US? And how is it traditionally celebrated? Not to worry, the blog has you covered.


Saving on Student Travel

You might be immersed in your studies, but March brings something fun to look forward to: Spring Break! Have you made your travel plans yet? Now’s the time (if you haven’t already) to start thinking about where you’ll visit and to book your trips. Visit our travel help page for exclusive student discounts to save on your vacay.


Being a Better Writer

Need some writing tips for that term paper that’s due? Not to worry, many international students require some extra help when English is their second language, or simply because they want to be better writers. Our Essay Writing Center is a good source for helpful examples of what makes a great essay. Learning to write a good one will also help with scholarship and entrance applications. Take a look and start writing!


Featured Schools

Auburn University students have more than 140 majors from which students can choose, and 300 clubs and organizations they can opt to join along the way. For a university with boundless opportunities, read more about Auburn in Alabama. Read More >>

Oregon State University INTO Pathway Program is an international public research university that draws students from more than 100 countries. The undergraduate pathway program is ideal for students who want to earn an undergraduate degree in the US, but need to improve their English language skills. Read More >>

McNeese State University has over 400 international students representing 40 countries enrolled. Several events are planned each year on campus - from student mixers in the fall to Multicultural Week in the spring - to bring all students together to celebrate the diverse cultures represented at the university. Find out more about McNeese. Read More >>


Politics on Campus

Colleges are often a central location for political activism. You’ve probably noticed around campus a lot of speeches from politicians, rallies, or even protests. But how does this affect you as a student? And what is a proper, healthy way to handle adversity? Read on to get a bit more information.


Meet Ahmed!

Ahmed Abdelrahman is the Assistant Director of International Admissions at Maryville College. Although he grew up in Cairo, Egypt where he earned his Bachelor’s degree, he later came to the United States to earn his Master’s and Ph.D.

Ahmed’s diverse educational background and his knowledge of the American educational system as a graduate student, an educator, and as an admissions officer enable him to effectively advise international students seeking to start or continue their education in the US. As a DSO at Maryville College, Ahmed also provides immigration advising and support. Ask Ahmed your questions about being or becoming an international student!
1101 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036

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