In this issue: $4,000 grand prize contest Still Open, admissions assistance, online dating, building credit, essay writing and more!

September Edition #247

The fall semester is here and we’ve got a lot of back to school tips and tricks to share with you, including how to round up more funds for your classes, adjust to American culture, and find health insurance that will meet your school requirements. We are also thrilled to announce that our annual Travel Video Contest is once again open for entries! This newsletter is a loaded one, so let’s get to it, and have a great fall semester.

The International Student Team


The 2019 Travel Video Contest is Now Open

Our highly-anticipated annual Travel Video Contest is back for the 2019 season! If you’re hopeful to be an international student and have your eye on a dream school, or if you’re currently an international student with your heart set on a trip you’ve always wanted to take, tell us about it in a video you make specifically for the 2019 Travel Video Contest. The grand prize winner will receive $4,000 to make their dream come true. The contest is open for submissions now through October 15th, 2019, so get out there and get to filming!


Search for Jobs Near You

Many students will want to work while studying to help pay for their needs and build their resume, but how do you find and land the job that works for you? It’s normal to need a little help landing an internship or job that will help you gain experience and earn money as you get through your college career. For tips on searching, resume writing, interview preparation, and a guide on what you need to know about working in the US, visit our Student Job Search center.


New to the USA?

Money. Transportation. Social Life. Culture shock. The things that international students have questions about most when they begin their education in the US are endless, but we’ve gathered up some of the most frequently asked questions and concerns and pieced them all into one place you can go to for answers, tips, and tricks.


Featured Schools

Florida International University’s Global First Year program helps students get to know their new city by going to fun events with the Global FIU group. Students get chances to visit downtown Miami, explore museums, beaches, and even learn about Florida’s famous Everglades National Park with a trip there. Read More >>

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is committed to cultivating an inclusive learning environment where faculty, staff, and students can grow and succeed. The university values the diversity of unique backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and talents within the community. Read More >>

Arden University believes everyone, everywhere should be able to study. Whether constrained by location, cost, life commitments or just by time, Arden is passionate about giving students access to Higher Education that fits any hectic, modern life. Explore studying online with Arden! Read More >>


Find My Funds

Once the semester has begun and the tuition and housing has been paid by grants and scholarships, students often find themselves still in need of filling a financial gap. Loans are now easier to access for international students, especially for those who do not have a cosigner. Students, like you, can use our unique loan widget to find lenders whose services are tailored to fit your needs.


Consider Studying in Canada

We are thrilled to introduce our Study in Canada school search and information center. In this new school search, students can explore which schools they might find interest in, and get background on what it would be like to live and study in Canada. From school search help to financial aid resources, to what accommodations would be like, we’ve left no stone unturned. Explore our new Study in Canada section and school search to see if it’s a good option for you.


Insurance Plans Starting at $29/Month

Having health insurance as an international student is important- even if your school doesn’t require you to purchase coverage. Medical costs inside the US are expensive and health insurance allows you to seek treatment when an illness or injury strikes, without breaking the bank. If you need health insurance for the new semester International Student Insurance (ISI) has plans designed specifically for those studying outside of their home country. With rates as low as $29/month you can find coverage that’s reliable and affordable.
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