January Edition #251

Welcome to 2020! We are thrilled to ring in the new year by providing you with the resources needed to study outside your home country. Whether you need more funds, new textbooks, better credit or tips on sticking with your resolutions- it’s all covered in this month’s issue. We hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you, we look forward to being a part of it!

The International Student Team


Tips to Reach your 2020 Goals

One of the hardest parts about bringing in the new year is keeping your resolutions. We are all guilty of making resolutions that we don’t end up sticking to. Lucky for you, we have some tips on how to set and meet your goals in 2020.


Financial Aid for the New Semester

Each new semester brings excitement and the opportunity for an increased level of knowledge; and in some cases, it can also bring the need for more funds. If your personal funds and scholarships have been tapped out for Spring see if you’re eligible for an international student loan. Start the process in our loan widget and in less than 10 seconds you can see what lenders are available to you.


Featured Schools

University of Arkansas
The University of Arkansas (U of A) has an incredibly large and diverse international student population. U of A is home to international students from over 110 countries around the world so it’s easy to find a piece of home within the community.


University of Kansas -
Academic Accelerator

The University of Kansas Academic Accelerator Program ensures success with high-quality academic programs that provide you with a lasting foundation for your career.


Queen's School of English

Queen’s School of English encourages students to consider placement with a Homestay host so they can fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Kingston area.


University of the Incarnate Word
The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX prides itself as a religious university educating students with values in Judeo-Christian tradition.



Building Credit as an International Student

One well-kept secret is that even as an international student in the US, you can start building credit; one great way to do this is through responsible credit card usage. We’ve partnered with Deserve, a company created by past international students, to give you the opportunity to apply for a credit card that doesn’t require a social security number. Explore their card details and see if it’s a good fit for you.


Scholarship Application Closing in January

The application window for the MPOWER/InternationalStudent.com Central America Scholarship Program is closing soon. Make sure to get your applications in before the January 31st deadline for a chance to receive a $3,000 scholarship! You can get all of the scholarship details and application requirements below.


5 Ways to Make a Date Great

Valentine’s Day is next month which means it’s time to start preparing for your date. We know that dating can be nerve-racking and you want to make a lasting impression, so we’ve shared these 5 ways you can make your date great!


Save Money on Textbooks

Paying for textbooks each semester is a huge expense and can be difficult for students on a tight budget. Before you overpay at the campus bookstore, be sure to explore your options for buying or renting online. You’d be surprised how much money you can actually save by doing so. Save now so you can travel later!