September Edition #259

The past few months might not have been busy with family gatherings, dinner with friends or road trips, but we’ve still managed to roll right through summer and into September. A new semester has started for many and it likely looks very different for each of you; whether online, in-class, or a hybrid, we hope you’re settling in and keeping safe.

We have a lot of exciting things to share in this newsletter, including the return of our 15th annual Travel Video Contest. It’s open for entries starting today and since everything seems to be a little bit different this year, so is our contest. However, we think this is a change during 2020 you will actually like!

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and stay well.

The International Student Team


TVC: Life After Lockdown is Now Open

We’re delighted to announce that our 15th annual Travel Video Contest has arrived! This year, the world has been faced with a global pandemic, making it difficult for student travelers and global exchange participants to enjoy globe-trotting as usual. This year's contest is a special edition with a new name - TVC: Life After Lockdown, a representation of the times we’re living in. In a video 2 minutes or less in length, we want to know one or both of the following:

  1. How COVID-19 has impacted your international education or cultural exchange experience abroad
  2. Your ideal international education or cultural exchange

To enter for a chance to win the $4,000 grand prize, take some time to review all of the rules and regulations, create your video, then complete the online entry form. All entries must be submitted before the contest deadline, Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Have fun, be creative and good luck!


Student Loans for Your International Education

Our International Student Loan Center features the ‘Find My Student Loan’ tool, a unique search tool that allows you to find and compare loans for international students. Whether you need a loan for the current semester or next, in just 3 simple steps we can help you find a lender that works with international students at your college or university.

  1. Find student loans: The first step is to use the comparison tool to find and compare loans available to you.
  2. Compare Loan Options: Next, view the list of available lenders at your school, compare the terms and conditions and select the best option to meet your needs.
  3. Apply through the Lender: Complete the loan application on the lender’s website and wait for approval.

Study Medicine in the Caribbean

Interested in studying medicine? The Caribbean is a place you’ll want to explore when comparing medical schools. With the medical school admissions process in the US being so competitive, Caribbean medical schools are becoming a desirable option that more students are pursuing.

Our new Study in the Caribbean section will provide you with information on studying at a medical school in locations like Barbados, Nevis and Grenada. Check it out to get started in your journey!


Featured Schools

Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester Metropolitan University is a leading, modern university with a history of education since 1824. The university has 6 faculties and 12 research centres across academic fields of study. In addition, Manchester Met students have access to a variety of professional support services such as academic services, financial services, etc.


Heartland Community College
Heartland is a community college that can help you reach your career goals. There are more than 70 degree programs to choose from at an affordable price and students are sure to thrive with individualized attention from instructors in classes of 20 students or less.


Louisiana State University- Global Pathway
Since 2015, LSU Global pathway programs have provided international students with an easy home country high school to US university transition, extra support and career growth assistance.



Thriving During COVID-19

The current state of the pandemic might have changed your plans for international education this fall. But don’t let that stop you from thriving during COVID-19! Check out these three valuable resources for current and future international students:

  1. International Student Community on Facebook - We know it’s been hard to stay connected with your peers during this time. We wanted to help with that. The International Student Community Facebook group is a safe space where you can share things and communicate with others on international education topics. Simply send a request to join to become a part of the group of over 900 international students and educators!
  2. Connecting During COVID-19 Blog - Fortunately, we live in a world where it's easier than ever to stay connected at a distance. Check out this blog for some ideas to connect with friends and loved ones!
  3. Emotional Wellness During COVID-19 - Times like these are likely going to have some sort of impact on your mental health and you should know that you’re not alone. Our friends at International Student Insurance have provided some mental health tips and resources if you need them!

What’s Your Story?

For over 20 years we’ve been helping international students like you connect with schools outside your home country. Have you received university acceptance or are currently attending a college or university that you found on If so, let us know! You could receive the chance to be highlighted in one of our upcoming newsletters and on our site!