February Edition #264

We might have already jumped into 2021, but with the Chinese New Year we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the Year of the Ox starting this month. Explore our newsletter to get details on how you can enjoy the Chinese New Year, watch our live event on making friends as an international student, get some of the latest information around the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, and check in with our 2020 Travel Video Contest winner, Fiqah, through her latest blog post. Enjoy the newsletter!

The International Student Team


Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts

We’re sure you’re just as excited as us to see the first stages of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts beginning around the world. Even though vaccine rollouts have officially begun, there are still a lot of questions surrounding how they will work. In our latest post on the International Student blog, we’ve outlined some key points to understand like the phases of vaccine rollouts, approved vaccines and where they’re available, important facts about each approved vaccine and getting vaccinated as an international student outside of your home country.


Getting Active and Making Friends on Campus

College is a time of growth on the academic front and as a college student, you will learn valuable skills in your classes that will help you succeed in your career. However, college isn’t all about going to class and doing homework. It’s also a time to make life-long personal and professional connections that you will take with you long after graduation. The best way to make connections is by getting involved on campus in clubs and organizations. Our live event this month will provide you with some tips on how to get involved and make the most of your time in college. Join us on Friday, February 19th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time and be sure to let us know if you can make it through the event page linked below!


Featured Schools

College of Lake County
College of Lake County (CLC) is a community college located in Grayslake, Illinois, about 45 minutes northwest of Chicago. CLC offers an excellent Guaranteed Transfer Admission program that allows students to transfer to the four-year institution of their choice.


University of Minnesota Twin Cities
University of Minnesota Twin Cities is ranked among the top 10 public research institutions in the US, offering 150 undergraduate and 200 graduate and professional degree programs. Students will have the opportunity to gain experience in internships in the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Ole Miss International
The Ole Miss Global Pathway provides international students with top-notch advising including expert application assistance, help with English proficiency exams, help with finding a major and personalized visa assistance.



Get Your Medical Degree in the Caribbean

If you are interested in or have already applied to a medical school in the US, you’re probably well aware that the admissions process is extremely competitive. Each year, less that 40% of applicants are actually accepted into US medical schools. While we don’t want to let that statistic discourage you from applying, we’d like to offer an alternative: Caribbean medical schools. Thousands of doctors from all over the world study medicine at schools in the Caribbean because they know that they can get a quality educational experience at an affordable cost. Discover what it means to study medicine in the Caribbean and find the right school for you!

Want to study at a Caribbean medical school but need to find the right one? Start your school search with AUA.


Watch Our Live Event With McNeese State University

In case you missed it, last month we had a live event with our friends from McNeese State University. InternationalStudent.com host, Connor Blay, sat down with McNeese’s Director of International Programs, Preble Girard, the Assistant to the Dean of the College of Business, Sarah Leonards, and the College of Business Internship Director, Morgan Turpin, to discuss the Master of Business Administration Program. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it! You can still watch the recording of the event at any time by visiting the link below.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year 2021 starts on February 12th and in Chinese culture, the new year marks a transition between zodiac signs. As we enter a new year on the Chinese calendar, we transition from the year of the Rat to the year of the Ox. In many cultures, the new year is only celebrated for one day. But in Chinese culture the celebration lasts a full 16 days and includes many exciting festivals and traditions. To learn more about the culture and history of the Chinese New Year, read our latest post on the International Student Blog!


The Beginning of a New and Hopeful Year

If you followed our 2020 Travel Video Contest then you know that Fiqah Rahman was our grand prize winner. For Fiqah, 2021 is more than a fresh start. It's a year in which she is excited to start her journey after graduation as a video producer for a small creative company in New York City, and symbolizes the beginning of a new and hopeful year. See what Fiqah has been up to by reading her latest post on the International Student blog!