July Edition #269

If you’re on summer vacation, we hope you’ve been able to enjoy your time off as much as possible. We’re a little over a month away from the fall semester meaning summer isn’t over yet! If you’re looking for ways to fill your time- we have you covered! Join our live event as we share US landmarks to check out, then start preparing for fall with our 2021 essentials guide for international students blog, international student loans info session and student travel center. We hope you enjoy our July newsletter!

The International Student Team


What You Missed At Our Loan Session

If you couldn’t watch our international student loan information session, don’t forget to check it out for important information on the process of obtaining a student loan. In this live event MPOWER loan expert, Arbaaz Hashmy, answers important questions and shares tips for the process of taking out student loans. After watching, you can use our Student Loan Search Tool to check your loan eligibility.


Top COVID-Friendly US Landmarks To See

Spending your summer in the US? We encourage you to get out and explore! In our next live event, we’ll be showing you the top COVID-friendly landmarks you just have to see while you’re living in the US. Join us on our Facebook page and YouTube channel on July 7th at 11:00 AM EDT. Let us know if you can make it on the event page!


Featured Schools

American University of Antigua (AUA)
An innovative medical school devoted to providing students like you with a high quality education, diverse academic community, a wealth of opportunity, and the skillset to become a successful physician. See if AUA is the right choice for you.


Full Sail University
Make your creative ambitions a reality by studying at Full Sail University. Graduates from Full Sail went on to contribute to 59 GRAMMY®-nominated projects at the 63rd Annual GRAMMY® Awards and 24 Oscar®-nominated projects at the 92nd annual Academy Awards. With students from over 65 countries you’ll be working alongside a truly international community.

University of Kansas
The KU Academic Accelerator Program was designed to ease the transitions of a US university, combining credit-bearing courses from the first year of an international student's degree with additional academic support, instruction, and cultural experiences.



Do You Have Your SIM Card And US Phone Plan?

Having a cell phone that works at all times is important as an international student. Make sure you have access to service as soon as you land by ordering a SIM card and plan before you go. With nationwide coverage through campusSIMS + Mint Mobile you can stay connected at all times through unlimited talk and text for as low as $15 per month. For service you can trust when you arrive, request a free SIM card and purchase your coverage plan online through campusSIMS.


Explore Studying Film In The US

Ever watched a Hollywood movie and wondered what it would be like to be able to work on a film set? If so, you might want to consider pursuing a film degree in the US. The US is home to some of the world’s finest motion picture arts schools from New York to California. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to make lots of connections in the film industry. Start planning your education future with our Study Film in the USA Guide!


Planning Your Fall Travel

For those of you coming to the US this fall, our Student Travel Center can help you plan and save money! There, you can find information about student airfare, accommodations, rail passes, youth hostels and car rentals. We know that as a student you have a tight budget. Save time and money by checking out our center that includes flight prices designed just for students like you.