December Edition #274

Grab a warm drink and get comfortable - our last newsletter of the year is here! This month we’re congratulating the 2021 Travel Video Contest winners on a job well done. Plus, if you’re going to apply for a student visa in the near future, we have an info session coming up that you’ll definitely want to check out. We’ve also got other resources to help you out during this time of year including a student airfare tool and a discount code for holiday season travel, information on building credit, and details on an F1 visa service that could help you navigate the process. Enjoy!

The International Student Team


Congratulations 2021 Travel Video Contest Winners!

Our 16th Annual Travel Video Contest has come to an end and the grand prize winner is Salman Sayyed for his video, Community of 3 Mothers! Salman’s story of three motherly figures who have supported him throughout his life touched our hearts and was ultimately selected by the judges as the top video. Great work, Salman! The following outstanding videos are also walking away with a prize:

We are proud of all of the winners- congratulations! We would also like to extend a big thank you to all who participated in this year’s contest by entering, watching and voting. We were honored to have received such inspiring stories from around the world and we encourage each of your international education pursuits.


Visa and Immigration Info Session

Wondering how to start the process of getting a student visa? In this month’s video, we’ll be covering the basics of how to get started with obtaining a student visa in the US. We’ll provide information on what types of visas you can apply for as an international student, the beginning steps, what the process looks like and where to find more details. The video will be on our YouTube channel and Facebook page on December 15th. We recommend turning on post notifications so you don’t forget!


Reliable Phone Service Starts With a Free SIM Card

Having reliable phone service at a reasonable price is a necessity for international students! From the moment you land in the US you will need service to contact your family, friends, and host school, and to start posting about your adventure. With Mint Mobile plans through campusSIMS you can choose from four contract-free wireless service plans that start at just $15 per month. Request a free SIM card from campusSIMS to talk, text, and stream while staying within budget!


Featured Schools

College of Central Florida
College of Central Florida’s 2+2 University Transfership Program offers guaranteed admission to any public state university in Florida upon completion of an Associates in Arts (A.A.) degree. This program allows you to save money and accelerate your degree program.


University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Living in a vibrant metropolitan community like the Twin Cities allows you to experience many different aspects of life in the US. At the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, you can join more than 1,000 student clubs and organizations, enjoy campus amenities like the recreation center and explore bike paths, lakes and the Mississippi River which flows through campus.


Florida International University
Florida International University understands that transitioning to life at a US university is challenging. That’s why the Global First Year program was created. Through the program, the transition is made easier through a combination of credit-bearing courses with additional support, instruction designed to fit your academic and language level, and cultural experiences.


Full Sail University
The world depends on technology to get through daily life. Which is why people with degrees in technology are in high-demand across all industries. Full Sail University offers a range of technology degree programs in-person and online, including computer science, cyber security, game development, mobile development and more.



Traveling Soon? Get Discounted Airfare!

The holiday season is almost here and we know that purchasing flight tickets is a big expense. If you’re searching for cheap flights, our Student Airfare search tool powered by StudentUniverse is a great place to find roundtrip and one-way tickets. Plus, when you log into your student dashboard you’ll have access to a possible *discount code if you’re departing from or arriving in the US or Canada!

*Excludes departures and arrivals in Mexico and the Caribbean. Excludes flights between the US and Canada. Valid for first-time purchases only.


What Does It Mean to Build Credit?

While studying in the US, you’re going to hear the term “credit score” quite frequently. So, what is a credit score? Lenders often rely on a credit score to rate the borrower and determine their risk in the event they’re granted a loan or credit card. If you have a favorable credit score, lenders are more likely to allow you to open a credit line, however, if your credit is unfavorable or doesn’t exist, you are more likely to get denied. As an international student, you will probably enter the US without credit which means it could be a good idea to start building on it. One of the easiest ways to establish credit is through responsible borrowing with a credit card. To learn more about building credit as an international student, check out the information on our page.


Visa Questions

Q: How do I get an F1 visa?

A: Although we aren’t able to provide personalized assistance with the F1 visa application process, we do have visa resources on our site that can help! Plus, if you would like to get one-on-one assistance, you can explore working with F1 Visa Advisors, Inc. to help you successfully navigate through the F1 visa application process.