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Issue 99 - May 2007

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As we near our 100th edition of the International Student Newsletter, we have some great things lined up for you - but you will have to wait til next month's edition to find out what it is......


We also have a great new service from iKobo, offering international money transfer services for students all around the world. iKobo offers a convenient and easy service to get money from abroad, so check it out.


We hope you enjoy!


Ross Mason


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> iKobo - Money Transfer

iKobo is the safe and easy way to send and carry money around the world. Sign up now and you will receive an iKobo Visa debit card which you can use to pay for goods and services anywhere that Visa is accepted, plus you can withdraw money from your account from ATM locations. There are no agents and no hassles, simply set up your account (, load it with money and you're away! There is no need to carry cash now if you're traveling or studying abroad and you or your parents/family can fund the card 24/7 from the website!


> Learn English

The Boston Academy of English (BAE) is committed to teaching English as a Second language, Test Preparation, and the Certificate of Teaching English as a Foreign Language to foreign students from around the world and the US through small, high quality, interactive classes in a stimulating environment. The BAE wants you to not only learn English - we want you to live it! Experience American culture in the best city for international students in the world - Boston.


> From the Mailbag

The International Student Forums feature an immigration section moderated by Bobby Chung, a US immigration lawyer. Here's a recent post and Bobby's answer, which focuses on the requirement of "nonimmigrant intent" for a student visa:


Q: I plan on entering the US to study on a M or F Visa for students, but i do plan on living with my boyfriend (US citizen) . Is that a reason for a denial for the immigration officer?


A: A key consideration in deciding to issue an F-1 student visa is whether the applicant has proven nonmmigrant intent. If the applicant informs the Consular Officer that she has a boyfriend in the U.S. and she will live with him, some officers may worry that the applicant may wish to marry her boyfriend and not return to her home country after completing her studies, and thus deny the visa application for this reason.


Click here to read the rest of the answer.



Start planning for 2008: Students around the world are finalizing plans for their arrival in the USA in August, just in time for orientation to a new academic year. If you missed the application deadline for 2007-08, we encourage you to start planning for 2008. Review our exclusive list of top-rated U.S. universities, colleges and English Language Programs:


> Fun Site of the Month

If you love watching online videos, then you should check out Digg Videos. Digg is an online new site where users submit the stories and then people vote to either "Digg it up" or "Bury it". That means that the best stories normally come to the top - and their video section is littered with some of the best/ funniest online videos from the internet. You can spend hours watching them all online - so make sure you have nothing else to do as this is addictive!!


> Student News

Fire Displaces, Motivates Missouri International Students

A recent fire in a Columbia Missouri apartment complex left 20 people homeless and without any of their personal belongings. The fire was unintentionally started by an international student, and many of the victims were international students. The Missouri International Student Council decided to get involved and help everyone left homeless by the fire.


"We're not expecting to raise a great amount of money, but we do realize that a little bit of money would be helpful to students who incurred loss in this recent fire," said Thitinun Boonsang, Missouri International Students Council. The Council has held several fundraisers already, and has set up a website for donations from anyone that would like to help.


To read the rest of the story, please visit


If you would like to make a contribution to help the fire victims, click here.


> Language Learning

Did you know that in Europe, there are more native German speakers than native English, French, Italian or Spanish speakers? In fact, worldwide, 120 million people speak the German language. German is the first language of the populations of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and is spoken in northern Italy, eastern France and parts of Belgium.

To find the right German course, The Language Course Finder offers you the opportunity to search for language courses according to your personal criteria. Moreover important details needed for a language holiday or study abroad program are also readily available, such as comprehensive information about language certificates, country and travel facts.

> Calling Card Links

This month we are featuring a number of international communication links to help you keep in touch with people around the world:

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