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Envisage International
Issue #11 - September 2017
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With a new semester underway, our 12th annual Travel Video Contest open for entries, and NAFSA regional conferences just around the corner, it’s a very busy (but exciting) time of year for all. We’ve also been working hard to provide you with the resources you need to make the most of your profile on InternationalStudent.com. In this issue you can find your profile tip of the month, a great client tip from Longwood University, and two new videos on managing your profile and leads.

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The InternationalStudent.com Team

Our Travel Video Contest is Now Open

We’re excited to announce that our 12th annual Travel Video Contest is now open. Each year we receive impressive video entries from around the world, and this year we hope to receive a few submissions from students at your college or university. Your students have the chance to win $4,000 and their very own blog on InternationalStudent.com in this contest, so please make sure you spread the word on your campus. The contest is open to current international and study abroad students who would like to take a trip, and prospective international and study abroad students.

View more details on our Travel Video Contest page here.

Tip of the Month: How to Add Testimonials to Your Profile

A great way to add some authenticity to your profile is through student and alumni testimonials about your school. To add testimonials to your profile follow the steps below:
  1. After you log into your administrator account click on the “View Dashboard” button, then click the blue pencil located on the right hand side of the page.
  2. Under “Featured School Settings” select the “Profiles” icon and click the blue “Update” button.
  3. Now you can add to your Student Profile by filling out the required fields: first name, last name, a quote from the student, their home country, major, graduation year, intended area of study and a short bio about the student.
  4. Once you’ve filled out that information click save and your new Student Profile will be added to your school’s page.
Add as many testimonials as you would like to your page to give potential students insight into what they can expect when attending your school.

Showcase Degree Earning Potential

If your school offers certain programs with a high post graduation employment rate or a high salary it can be beneficial to add this information to your profile. Potential students want to know what they can expect upon leaving college and entering the workforce.

According to an article by CNBC these are the 50 highest-paying college majors.

Video Resources for Your School Profile

We’ve recently added two videos to guide you through the process of managing your Featured School profile. In the videos we provide you with step-by-step instruction on how you can download your leads and how to update your Feature School Profile by changing out image, uploading videos and adding your social media feed. These videos have been created to help you make the most out of your Featured School profile.

Watch our helpful videos here.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Profile

Thinking about creating additional marketing for your school? A great way to do that is have potential students hear from current or past students. Student testimonies are a simple and an effective way to break down barriers and provide potential students with a more personal message. If you’re thinking about asking your students for their testimonies below are tips from our partners at Longwood University.

“I think that a good student testimony should be positive, simple and creative to draw readers’ attention. A student testimony is more than just student’s image, it is what student’s experience or feelings towards the university counts.” - Cheng Peng

“As an additional tip I would add that the interviewer should have goals for the testimony and have prepared questions to meet the goals.” - Patti Trent

If you would like to add testimonials to your profile check out the tip of the month above.

Upcoming Conferences

  • NAFSA Region III: October 15 - 18, San Antonio, TX
    • Attending: Rachel
  • NAFSA Region V: October 18 - 20, Detroit, MI
    • Attending: Connor
  • NAFSA Region VII: October 22 - 25, Spartanburg, SC
    • Attending: Don
  • NAFSA Tri-Regional: November 3 - 8, Denver, CO
    • Attending: Don and Connor
  • NAFSA Region XI: November 7 - 9, Mount Washington, NH
    • Attending: Rachel

224 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

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