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Issue #12 - October 2017
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Happy fall! We are now a couple of weeks into the fall semester and we look forward to seeing many of you soon as we embark on our fall NAFSA tour.

In this edition, you will see where we are traveling, exhibiting and presenting. We also have exciting news about the design and layout of our Featured School profiles, a few tips for those attending the regional conferences, and are announcing a few new partners that have joined us.

Enjoy the newsletter!

Best Wishes,
The InternationalStudent.com Team

The Latest InternationalStudent.com Enhancement

We are excited to announce that we’re in the process of redesigning the layout of all Featured School profiles on our site! Our goal with the redesign is to showcase a clean layout that provides better tracking and even better conversions.

With the new layout we will have better visibility into what students are doing when they are looking at your profile. We are also shortening the lead form to make it a simpler process for students to request more information from you!

We will be sure to keep you posted on the roll out and when your school’s profile will be updated.

Our 2017 NAFSA Regional Tour and Presentations

Connor Smith, Rachel Rollins and Don Sears from our InternationalStudent.com team are hitting the road for the NAFSA Regional tour and look forward to seeing many of you while traveling. Look for the InternationalStudent.com booth and session as they will be exhibiting and presenting at six different regionals. Our session topic, region and brave co-presenters are listed below. We think you will like our session this year!

“The Social Media Backlot Tour”
We will take a look at what happens behind the scenes of social media and its most popular platform, Facebook and how they use the information they know about you, to deliver relevant ads. We will use this to show how you can effectively market to international students including analytics.


  • Linda Yazdani, Red Rocks Community College
  • Nikki Powers, GoAbroad.com
  • Connor Smith & Don Sears, InternationalStudent.com

Region III

  • Victoria Gonzales & Ila Mar, Texas State University
  • Rachel Rollins, InternationalStudent.com

Region V

  • Xiaoyu Yin, Michigan State
  • Connor Smith, InternationalStudent.com

Region VII

  • Karin Lee, Mississippi State
  • Don Sears, InternationalStudent.com

Region X

  • Heather Barikmo, LaGuardia Community College
  • Rachel Rollins, InternationalStudent.com

Region XI

  • Vera Vlasenko, Westfield State University
  • Rachel Rollins, InternationalStudent.com

We hope to see you at one of the regional conferences. Let us know if you will be there. We can find a time for breakfast, dinner, coffee or something stronger!

Great Ready for NAFSA Regionals!

Are you ready for the NAFSA regionals? Here are some of our tips on how to make the most out of your regional conference!
  • Download the 2017 NAFSA Regional Conference Application on your Apple or Android phone so that you can browse through presentation, speaker and exhibitor information.
  • After you download the App check out what sessions you would like to attend and schedule them out. If you have meetings planned you can also add them into your schedule on the app! Within the app simply visit "My Plan" then click "Add Meeting" at the bottom. Each meeting will appear around chosen sessions and events so you can stay organized and on time.
  • Don’t miss the social events. Each NAFSA regional is packed with fun group events such as restaurant hops, pub crawls and morning yoga sessions- make sure you join and bring your conference badge along.
  • Leave extra room in your bag when you pack. You can expect to come home from the conference with some great swag and raffle prizes so make sure you leave enough room in your luggage to bring them back!
  • We would love to say hello and answer any questions you have, so schedule a meeting with us!

Welcome Aboard!

We are proud to welcome our new clients this month!
  • University of Arizona (UA) - Located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, the UA is seeking international students from all around the globe and are committed to providing their students a quality education in research, education and community.
  • INTO University Partnerships - INTO offers pathway programs design for international students to succeed in English and academically. We are working with INTO programs at University of South Florida, Suffolk University, Marshall University, Saint Louis University and Oregon State University with more to come!

Conference Advice From Emilie Buse at Pratt Institute

Our client tip of the month comes from Emilie Buse from Pratt Institute who is also the NAFSA Region X Marketing and Development Representative. Emilie’s tip is simple: give back!

“My first regional conference was a bit overwhelming because I did not know anyone. I highly recommend volunteering at the conference and using that time to make new friends and colleagues. The connections you make at the Regional Conferences can help you grow as a professional, and it is always a nice feeling to give back.”

Upcoming Conferences

  • NAFSA Region III: October 15 - 18, San Antonio, TX
    • Attending: Rachel
  • NAFSA Region V: October 18 - 20, Detroit, MI
    • Attending: Connor
  • NAFSA Region VII: October 22 - 25, Spartanburg, SC
    • Attending: Don
  • NAFSA Tri-Regional: November 3 - 8, Denver, CO
    • Attending: Don and Connor
  • NAFSA Region XI: November 7 - 9, Mount Washington, NH
    • Attending: Rachel

224 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

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