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Issue #13 - November 2017
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Just like that, the NAFSA Regional conferences are behind us. We had a great presentation in six different regions that focused on how Facebook collects and uses information on their users to target ads, and how you can use that information to target ads to international students.

In addition to catching up on our regional presentations, in this issue you can see how to add your Facebook feed directly to your school profile page, who won our 2017 Travel Video Contest and get a great tip when it comes to your social media marketing strategy.

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The InternationalStudent.com Team

Missed Our Presentation? Get The Slides!

Don, Rachel and Connor took to the road and presented at six different NAFSA regional conferences this year. This year’s topic took a behind the scenes look at Facebook and what information it collects on each user and how it uses that information to target relevant ads. It also looked at what information Facebook gathers from posts along with third party providers and who they share user information with, followed by how you can use that information to target paid ads to students around the world that you want to reach.

We had a great line up of co-presenters who worked hard to make our sessions a success.  We would especially like to thank Karin Lee our partner at Mississippi State for helping present in Spartanburg, SC at region VII.  

If you missed our sessions take a look at the presentations in the resource section of our site and see how you can market to international students using the information Facebook collects.

View the presentation from your region. >>

Tip of the Month: Add a Facebook Feed to Your Profile

Want to get more social? If you haven’t already, you can add your school’s Facebook feed to your Featured School Profile:
  1. First login to your account and then click on the “View Dashboard” button underneath “School Search Account.”
  2. Click the pencil icon on the right hand side and then click on the “Enhanced Editor” button
  3. Now on the “Enhanced Profile Editor” page, simply scroll down to “Social Media and Video Content.”
  4. Under this heading, click on the Facebook button. 
  5. Add your Facebook ID to share your Facebook feed on your profile, you can locate your Facebook ID here: https://findmyfbid.com/.
  6. Finally click the "Create" button. 
Voila! You now have your latest Facebook updates displayed directly on your Featured School Profile. Head on over to your page to see how it looks! 

Pleased to Announce the 2017 Travel Video Contest Winners

This year our Travel Video Contest received numerous entries from around the globe and we were thrilled with the creativity, ingenuity and expressive content in each video. Students at schools like Georgia State University, Oklahoma State University, San Francisco State University, University of La Sabana in Colombia and Otto-von-Guericke University in Germany made it to the finalists round and would couldn’t have been more pleased to see such diversity.

Our final winners were named on the last day of International Education Week, November 17th, and we’re excited to also share them with you.

Keep in mind that our contest will be back next year to provide your students with a chance to be our $4,000 grand prize winner.

View the 2017 Winners >>

Did We Miss You At NAFSA?

Part of the reason we enjoy the NAFSA Regional Conferences is because it’s our chance to see you, our partners! It's always a pleasure to see you in your home region and to catch up- whether it’s what’s new at our office or getting to hearing about the changes and progression happening on your campus. If we didn’t get a chance to chat at a conference this year please feel free to give us a call and we can also help with any updates you would like to see made to your profile or discuss your marketing plan going into 2018. We love hearing from you, even if it's just to say hello!

Social Media Marketing Advice From Ila Mar

We hope that our NAFSA Regional presentations have inspired you to start creating and posting more on your social media accounts! To help you get started, our tip of the month comes from Ila Mar, who works in the study abroad office at Texas State University.

“Your feed should tell students a story about your school. A marketing strategy that we try to enforce is the jab, jab, jab right hook method. Jabs are the value and fun content you provide students. We like to use a lot of popular memes in our feed to make it more relatable to students. When we do want students to sign-up for an event that’s when we go in for the right hook.” - Ila Mar

Upcoming Conferences

  • ICEF North America: December 11-13, Miami, FL

224 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

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