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Issue #17 - March 2018
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Welcome to the March edition of the International Student Partner Newsletter. In this issue we are proud to share details about our international service project with School The World, welcome aboard a pair of new schools, tips to dress up your school’s profile with a cover photo, and a reminder on our free tax resources for your students. Our client tip of the month comes from Michelle Larson- Krieg from the University of Colorado Denver on setting boundaries within your role.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and as always, Happy Recruiting!

The InternationalStudent.com Team

The EIC Team Built a School in Guatemala!

We are excited to announce that the 2018 EIC Guatemala Team is back in the United States! The EIC team participated in the first School the World corporate trip along with Flywire and IvyWise. Each day of their week was a long journey as the team worked alongside community members of Patzalam Choacaman to build a new elementary school and playground. It was an emotional and fulfilling experience to see everyone work hard to make a lasting impact on their community. The team hand-mixed concrete, painted, hauled dirt, concrete and water, and found time to play soccer, hopscotch and other fun games with the local children.

You can read all about each day of their trip on the EIC blog, or through social media by using #EICSchoolTheWorld2018 and #EnviFlyWiseSTW on both Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome Aboard

Appalachian State University is located in Boone, NC and is part of the UNC system. They have 19,000 students, 150 undergrad and graduate programs, and a focus to reach and attract new international students to their campus. Welcome aboard Martin and the ASU team!

Atlantis University in Miami has a focus on STEM programs including majors in Information Technology, Engineering, Business, Health Care and Foreign Languages. They are looking for students interested in these programs as well as students needing to improve their English language skills through their English Language Institute. They will be featured on both ESLdirectory.com as well as InternationalStudent.com.

Update Your Featured Profile Cover Photo for a Fresh Look

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Featured Profile on International Student is to keep your content up-to-date. Periodically changing out your cover photo will keep your profile fresh. Here’s how you can quickly update it:
  1. Log into your account and on the right hand side under "International Student Account" click "My School Administration."
  2. Click the pencil icon labeled "Manage School Profile."
  3. Click the blue "Enhanced Editor" box.
  4. Under "Featured School Settings" click on "Cover."
  5. In the right hand corner select the blue "Update" icon.
  6. Choose the image file from your computer and click the blue "Save" icon.
If you have any issues or questions on how to update your cover photo, please let us know and we will happy to help you!

Update Your Profile >>

Don’t Forget About Our Free Tax Resources

Just a reminder that you are welcome to share our tax resources with your students and link to them from your site if needed. To take the guesswork out of tax season, we have worked hard to develop the most comprehensive tax resources for international students. Included in our tax section is our new Form 8843 Online Wizard. Our Wizard walks students through the tax Form 8843, allowing them to enter their information along the way, and auto populating details into the IRS Form 8843 once complete. Students only need to check the completed form information, sign and date, then mail it to the IRS.

If that’s not enough, we have also partnered with Sprintax, so students with more complicated federal or state taxes can get the professional help they need.

Visit Our Tax Section >>

Tip of the Month: Establishing Boundaries

While we all want to provide support to students and help whenever we can, sometimes we may not be the best person to hand out advice. Our tip of the month comes from Michelle Larson- Krieg from the University of Colorado Denver who tell us how she handles this problem.

"International Educators are often expected to provide answers to questions or deal with issues that are outside their scope of authority or expertise. When this happens, it is important to know your limits, set appropriate boundaries, and ask for help or refer the person making the request to someone who has the experience and expertise to provide the necessary assistance. The wrong help can hurt – a lot. Consider clearly defining the scope of your work through a written policy, job descriptions, or other guidance. Be mindful that it is your responsibility to serve the best interests of your institution, and while the interests of those you are serving often align with those of your employer, that is not always the case. Be empathetic, but be clear on what you can and cannot do and provide resources consistent with your scope of work and expertise."

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