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Can you believe we are almost through August? You probably can as students are returning to campus for the new semester.

August for us means that we’re getting ready to launch our 13th annual Travel Video Contest, but it’s not our only focus as the weather gets cooler. In addition to the contest this month’s newsletter highlights our lead nurturing email we send for Maryville, advice on blogs, using WhatApp as a recruiting tool, and our new partnership with Clarkson University.

As always, Happy Recruiting!
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August Edition - Issue #22


Our Travel Video Contest is Opening Soon

Our Travel Video Contest will open August 31st for students to enter for a chance to win the $4,000 grand prize! Current international students who would like to travel, and prospective international students alike are able to enter the contest by submitting a short video detailing where and why they would like to go. Our contest is in its thirteenth year and as in each previous year we look forward to hearing the inspirational stories of students from around the world. Entries are accepted until October 9th and the winner will be announced on the last day of International Education Week, November 16th.

If you have international students who could use an extra $4,000 to study and travel outside their home country make sure you share details on our contest!


Maryville’s Automated Email Encouraging Students to Apply

What do you do when you see a lead come in from and how long does it take you to respond? We all know one of the first rules of lead generation is to follow up, and to follow up as soon as possible after a lead is generated. However, with busy schedules that’s not always possible.

Our new partner, Maryville College, has alleviated that worry by using our new lead nurturing offering to respond immediately to every lead. Each student that submits their contact information through Maryville’s profile on immediately receives an email from Ahmed Abdelrahman, the Assistant Director of International Admissions, giving the student more information about Maryville’s programs, links to their online application and direct access to the admissions team. The best part is that it’s automated, which means Ahmed does not have to do a thing to send the email.

Check out Maryville’s automated email that students interested in Maryville receive. Contact us if you would like to learn how we can make your job easier.


Welcome Aboard

We are excited to welcome aboard Clarkson University! This is what Colleen Flynn Thapalia, Director, International Graduate Recruitment & Admission had to say about Clarkson and our new partnership:

“Clarkson University is located in Potsdam, NY, with branch campuses in Schenectady and Beacon, NY. Currently we host almost 300 international students from 65 countries, all interested in the kinds of science, technology, business, health and education programs that we offer. Since I came on board at Clarkson last December, we have been looking for additional ways to get in front of more such highly motivated and diverse students. struck our team as the kind of partner who would be able to identify these students and provide us with leads that will convert to applicants, and one day soon to enrolled students. ”

We look forward to helping Colleen and her entire team at Clarkson with their recruiting strategy. Welcome aboard Clarkson University!

Make Blogs Work for You

Here at we pride ourselves on creating relevant and informative content for our international students! One way we keep our content fresh and engaging is by writing blogs. The beauty of blogs is that they help us (and you) be found on search engines while also providing useful information, and can be spread across a number of areas like social media.

Whether you blog on your school’s page or your marketing package with us includes blogs, it’s important that students are receiving great information on your school and they’re receiving it at the right time. When creating a strategic blog plan think of your recruitment timeline and each goal along the way. For example, if you want to post a blog titled “Top 5 Reasons to Apply this Spring,” you want to ensure it posts before the Spring application deadline. Other important items to include are clear directions and information (like deadlines), and a strong call to action where students can continue to engage with you.

If you would like to get your school on our blog calendar let us know and we can add it on your marketing package.

WhatsApp in a Recruitment and Communications Strategy?

Feeling like you’re behind on the times with your recruitment strategy? Mix things up by adding WhatsApp to your strategy. WhatsApp is the second largest messaging app in the world and is used by over 1 billion people in 120 different countries. This app will also be the most affordable addition to your recruitment budget. Sending messages and making phone calls are free on WhatsApp and will be an economical way for you to connect with potential students. If you’re on the fence about adding WhatsApp to your recruitment strategy, get a few more details in our blog.


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