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We are almost through September, which means the NAFSA regional conferences are right around the corner. In this issue, you can find out where our team will be attending, exhibiting and presenting, get the details you need about our 13th annual Travel Video Contest to share with your students, learn about our new financial qualifier, and find out if we will be attending a conference together.

Enjoy this issue and happy recruiting!
The Team

September Edition - Issue #23


Join Us At NAFSA Regionals!

This conference season we’re proud to be attending and presenting at ten different NAFSA Regionals. Along with our co-presenters from each region, we’ll be presenting on how your school can develop an effective email communication plan, no matter how big or small your international office is. The session will cover when and how often you should contact potential students, how to create a compelling email, and different email systems to send and measure your results. Our presentation will also include a guide for you to take back and reevaluate or tweak your email communication plan. We would love for you, our partners, to attend the session “Developing An Email Communication Plan To Recruit International Students.”

If you can’t make it to our session, be sure to visit us in the exhibit hall! We enjoy the Regionals because it allows us more face-to-face time with our NAFSA community. The booth is a great place for us to catch up and discuss what’s new. Below is our conference schedule, let’s find a time to meet at Regionals!


Travel Video Contest Is Now Open

We’re excited to announce that our 13th annual Travel Video Contest is now open for entries. Each year we receive impressive video entries from around the world, and this year we hope to receive a few submissions from students at your college or university. Your students have the chance to win a variety of cash prizes to put towards their international education including:

  • $4,000 1st Place Prize
  • $500 2nd Place Prize
  • $250 3rd Place Prize
  • $1,000 Viewers' Choice Prize

All current international and study abroad students are eligible to enter by telling us about any trip they want to take; if not currently studying internationally, students can still enter but their video must describe their proposed international education plan. All video entries must be submitted by October 9th, 2018. Learn more about the 2018 Travel Video Contest and pass along details to your international and study abroad students.

New Financial Qualifier on All Lead Forms

In an effort to improve the quality of the leads you receive from your profile on and to help you prioritize your follow up, we have launched a new financial qualifying question on all of our lead forms. This new qualifier will allow you to prioritize who you follow up with first, tailor your message based on their ability to pay and market your scholarships to students that need them.

Questions: How will you pay for your education?

  1. I am sponsored by my government or other organization
  2. I can pay, but would prefer to obtain scholarships/loans
  3. I need a full scholarship/grant
  4. My family and/or I will pay for my education

In addition to the financial qualifier, we continue to improve our financial aid offerings so students can find the resources, scholarships and loans they need to study in the US. Check out our remodeled financial aid section and feel free to share it with your current and future students.

We're Hiring!

We are working hard to fill two positions to help us grow our business. Both positions will be located in our beautiful Neptune Beach office. We are looking for a Sales Representative as well as a Content and Digital Marketing Specialist.

Contact us if you know someone!


Upcoming Events

  • WYSTC, September 18 - 21, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • NACAC, September 27 - 29, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • ICEF, October 10 - 12, Beijing, China
  • NAFSA Regionals
    • Region IV, October 15-18, Duluth, MN
    • Region XII, October 15-19, Reno, NV
    • Region V, October 17-19, Shaumburg, IL
    • Region XI, October 23-25, Portland, ME
    • Region II, October 24-25, Lincoln, NE
    • Region III, October 28-31, Little Rock, AR
    • Region X, October 29-31, Buffalo, NY
    • Region VI, November 4-6, Columbus, OH
    • Region VIII, November 6-9, Richmond, VA
    • Region VII, November 11-14, Memphis, TN
224 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

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