In this issue: Improve your social media marketing, profile improvements, our 2019 international education predictions!

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Welcome to 2019! The semester has just begun and there’s a lot to look forward to. With every new school year are the promises of new goals and successes. In this month’s newsletter we’ll discuss using social media to promote your university or college, and we’ll have some tips on online brochures. We’ll also delve into our 2019 predictions on what might be to come in the international education arena. We hope you had a great winter break. Happy new year!

Happy Recruiting!
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January Edition - Issue #27


2019 International Educations Predictions

At the beginning of each year, our parent company, Envisage International Corporation, collaborates to predict what we think the landscape of international education will look like. These predictions encompass what could happen on national and global scales. For 2019, we made 8 predictions with topics ranging from enrollment numbers to shake-ups in the for-profit sector. Check out the entire blog with all of our predictions:


Getting Social in 2019

It’s no secret that the use of social media has become second nature in any marketing plan, and it’s common that schools act the same as businesses when it comes to utilizing this very important medium of advertisement. At we too have leveraged the use of our own social media channels to promote schools like you that we’ve partnered with. While Google+ may be on its way out in the near future, we remain diligently active on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and we are now live on the ever-growing Instagram as well.

There’s no better endorsement than word of mouth, and shares and RTs are the mouthpiece of today. Being active on your social media pages allows you to represent your school with pride, give potential students a glimpse into life at your school and an easy outlet to ask you questions about your institution.If you like the idea of using social media to market to potential international students but don’t have the reach or resources to do so, at we’re able to help. We encourage you to visit all of’s channels to get a good feel of how to maintain active engagements. If you have any questions about how or what to include in your social campaigns, or would like to explore our social media add-on, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Adding to Your Profile

Is your school leveraging online brochures to share the highlights of your institution? It’s simple and effective in sending potential students your “elevator pitch” at the click of a button, but can have a big impact. If you would like your online brochure added to your profile on all you have to do is send it to us and voila… we will add it to your profile page Ask us about it today!


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