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Welcome to April! As we spring into the new season we’re excited to reach your inbox. In this month’s newsletter is a NAFSA preview, some tips on making your school’s profile more desirable to international students by using your location, and finally, some new clients to welcome. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and that we will soon connect in DC.

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April Edition - Issue #30


2019 NAFSA Annual Conference

The national NAFSA conference in DC is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. We look forward to being able to connect with each of you and catch up on all of the progress you have been making within the world of international education recruitment. We will be at booth P705 in the exhibit hall and hope you find time to schedule a meeting or stop by. In addition, you are cordially invited to our reception on the Monday before the conference festivities begin. We will be sending invitations shortly, so please be sure to check your inbox!

Meet the 2019 NAFSA Team

Ross Mason
Vice President

Bryanna Davis

Wini Puglielli
Sales Executives

Ashley Zahradnick
Account Manger


Welcome New Clients

The team is proud to start new relationships with a number of schools. With a new state consortium, some English Language Intensive programs, and a few schools seeking to recruit more international students, we’re happy to play a hand in helping you meet your recruiting goals. A big welcome to these new partners of IS:


Emphasizing Location in Recruiting Students

Many international students who want to study in the US are doing so for a quality education, but along with their educational desires exist their curiosity about specific locations. Some students want to study in warm weather, some want to go where they can enjoy snowy activities, and some want all of the above. When seeking to recruit students, be sure to emphasize the location of your school, and the specifics that set it apart from others. State by state, there will be unique characteristics that will draw in students who want a great education in their ideal locale.

Students can already find your institution by location on when searching for schools located in your state. However, you can leverage your location even more by adding information on what makes it great. You can easily add these details by logging into your dashboard, or contact us directly and we’re happy to make these additions for you.


Connect With Students

Did you know we have a special guest advisor section on It provides students with a way to connect directly to experts (like you) in international education and ask the questions they’ve been trying to find an answer to. Colleges and universities gain free exposure and are also able to connect one-on-one with students from around the world through our Ask an Advisor program. This program is open to all colleges and universities, but we love featuring our partners. If you’re interested in learning more about this program let us know! !


Upcoming Events

  • May 26 - 31, NAFSA Annual, Washington, DC
224 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

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