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Welcome to 2020! We are thrilled to have rolled into the new year with so many leaders in international education as our partners. Although most of January is already behind us, there is still plenty of time to get the building blocks of opportunity placed for 2020. Thank you for starting a fresh year with us, we look forward to connecting throughout each month of it.

Happy Recruiting!
The Team

January Edition - Issue #39


Quick Bites: Ways to Jump-Start Your Year of Recruiting

Email Tips

  1. Establish Connection: Use personalization in your email campaigns to connect with potential students; this could include location, degree program, or nationality.
  2. Make Contacting You Simple: Send your emails from an address that allows students to reply directly to reply. Also consider including your contact information in the signature so students know exactly who they’re speaking with and how to reach you.
  3. Clear Call to Action: Provide students with a clear, simple and hard to ignore ‘next-step’ action button. Keeping this button towards the top of the email and removing excess links is a good way to increase your click-through rate!
  4. Timing is Key: Following up with an inquiry right away is critical since engagement can start to decline after the first hour of contact. Explore an automatic reply for the first message to keep your leads interested in you. Profile Tips

  1. Use Student Testimonials: Student reviews can hold a lot of weight. Share what your students have to say by adding quotes or testimonial videos.
  2. Add a Virtual Tour: Create a campus tour video or portfolio for students to get a sense of your institution’s distinctive academic and cultural atmosphere.
  3. Share the Latest and Greatest: Keep your profile fresh by letting us know of upcoming events or programs. We can add it to your profile and add the extra appeal to your school.


Social Media Tips

  1. Explore Using Polls: They’re quick and easy to set up but get students engaging with you!
  2. Keep Your Message Visual: Videos and images are a great way to grab the attention of students as they scroll by.
  3. Utilize Direct Messages: Direct messages let you connect with students. They’re interested in your institution so share with them how to take the next step.
  4. Use Hashtags: Participate in large social media initiatives that promote inclusion such as #YouAreWelcomeHere. Hashtag campaigns are an effective way to improve your international following and help students feel welcome on your campus.

Central America Scholarship Program Application Closing

MPOWER and’s Central America Scholarship Program has been open since November and will be closing at the end of this month on January 31st. Applicants must be from a Central American country and are required to submit an essay outlining individual contributions to the quality of life in their home country, plans for how they continue to contribute after education, and how the applicant’s education will help them do so.

This scholarship will award one first place recipient $3,000 and two runner-ups $1,000 to be put towards expenses of studying in the US or Canada. Please feel free to share this scholarship with any eligible students on your campus before the end of the month.


Let's Connect in Memphis and Gainesville

We are excited to make our way to Memphis and Gainesville next month for the TAIE and FAIE conferences. If you’re also attending these conferences we would love to connect with you! Send us a message so we can catch up over a cup of coffee.


Loyalty Referral Program

Did you know we have a loyalty referral program? If you get as excited to hear from us as we get to hear from you - share the excitement! Contact us to see how you could save at renewal.


Upcoming Conferences

Conference Dates Location
TAIE Feb. 20-21 Memphis, TN
FAIE Feb. 20-21 Gainesville, FL