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February is here and we couldn’t be more excited! Tax season is upon us and we have plenty within our tax section to help your students and their dependents get through it. We’re also gearing up for a few travels as we set off soon to Guatemala with School the World, TAIE in Memphis, and FAIE in Gainesville. We’re looking forward to an action-packed month and hopefully connecting with a few of you in the great states of Florida and Tennessee!

Happy Recruiting!
The Team

February Edition - Issue #40


Tax Form 8843 Online Wizard

Tax season has started which means it’s time for international students in the US to file their tax returns and complete the required IRS Form 8843. To simplify the process, we have updated our Tax Form 8843 Online Wizard for the current year. The Wizard can help students complete the form in minutes; they only need to answer the questions and the Wizard will populate their information into the IRS Form 8843. Once printed, students can then sign and mail the form to the IRS before the April 15th deadline. Wizard data is always discarded which means it’s free, simple, and safe.

Please feel free to refer any students who need help with Form 8843 or other tax return items to our tax section.


School the World - Guatemala

Next month the EIC team will be on the road to the villages of Central America. This is the third year in a row we have partnered with School the World (STW) and we are thrilled to be a part of their mission to empower communities through the gift of education. This non-profit organization is committed to providing training to teachers, supplies to students and support to their parents, but the commitment does not end there. School the World works with the community for five years, with a decreasing amount of responsibility as time progresses, ensuring that the community is hands-on in their own future.

The journey for the Envisage International Corporation a (EIC) School the World team begins on March 1st. The team will be in Central America for one week building primary schools and playgrounds with Flywire and International Medical Group. Each team member has committed to fund-raising half the cost of their participation, with the companies contributing the other half plus the necessary fixed amount to cover the hard costs of school construction.

Stay updated on our 2020 EIC School the World journey through Facebook and our blog.


Connect with us at the FAIE & TAIE Annual State Conferences

On February 20-21 we’re attending the FAIE & TAIE Annual State Conferences. If you will also be attending we would love to schedule a time to catch up. Reach out to meet with Bryanna Davis at FAIE or Ashley Zahradnick at TAIE.

If you don’t have availability to schedule a meeting make sure you stop by our sessions on nurturing the leads we send your way!


Student Travel Ahead of Spring Break

Next month many students will be departing from campus and traveling for spring break. If you know any students who are planning to get away for the break, our Student Travel Center might be able to help them save money; students can find discounted prices on airfare and other popular travel needs such as accommodations and rail travel. Plus, students with a free account get a $20 off code for their first flight purchase through our student airfare section.


Upcoming Conferences

Conference Dates Location
TAIE Feb. 20-21 Memphis, TN
FAIE Feb. 20-21 Gainesville, FL