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In these last few days, weeks really, when many of us are intentionally isolating ourselves, it’s become evident that despite how alone we are physically, we are very much together in a different way; together through our experiences, through our grief, through our flexibility, through our kindness, and most importantly through our hope. Even though we might not be able to connect at conferences or share a catch-up lunch for a while, we are here- don’t hesitate to reach out. #inthistogether

The Team

April Edition - Issue #42


Virtual Recruiting and Connecting During COVID-19

Several institutions have already made the decision to turn to online resources to reach current and prospective students during this difficult time. We understand that it is more important than ever to utilize these resources for recruiting purposes which is why we’ve created a webinar to help optimize your virtual recruiting.

Join our webinar on April 23rd at 1:30pm ET as we share the ways in which other colleges and universities have optimized their online presence at this time. This webinar will help you prepare ways to alter current processes and highlight ways you can gain student interest through digital tools.


Introducing the International Student Community on Facebook

All members of the international education community are invited to join the new International Student Community group on Facebook. This is a safe space for students to make friends, ask questions and share useful information with their peers.

If interested, please request to join through your school’s Facebook page or through your personal account. Feel free to also share this group with any students who might find it useful.


How to Use Instagram Stories for Your School's Page

Since Instagram Stories were first introduced in 2016, the platform has evolved into an important marketing tool for businesses of all kinds because of its unique capabilities. And, with the addition of Live Stories, the possibilities with Instagram seem endless. Here are a few tips to best utilize Insta-stories as a marketing tool for your school’s page:

  1. Share posts to your story: This is an excellent way to get useful information out to users that might not have time to scroll through their feed. Stories are located at the top of Instagram users’ feeds so they’re more likely to quickly view content here. It’s also a good idea to share your own posts to your Insta-story to increase engagement.
  2. Use the features: Insta-stories have a variety of features that you can add such as geographical location tagging, hashtags, polls, gifs, stickers, etc. Using these features makes content engaging and allows more users to find your page through locations and hashtags.
  3. Post images and videos of people and things on campus: It might be difficult to get a new image or video on campus at this time. But you can pull from the archives or ask students to send content to you.
  4. Create using Canva: Canva is excellent for creating social media content across all platforms. They have several templates that allow you to create original content for Insta-stories. Plus, it’s free!
  5. Go Live: Similar to Facebook, this feature allows users to broadcast live to their followers but Instagram Live is even more user-friendly than Facebook Live. Simply act as if you were going to post a story but select the “Live” feature on the far left of the Instagram Stories menu.

Follow @internationalstudentinfo on Instagram to see how we’re using Instagram Stories to reach international students. & MPOWER Central America Scholarship Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2019 & MPOWER Central America Scholarships! A big congratulations to:

Natalie Paetau
$3,000 Scholarship Recipient

Reynaldo Pena
$1,000 Honorary Mention

Cindy Marin
$1,000 Honorary Mention

We are honored to have partnered with MPOWER Financing to grant these scholarships as we believe in the power of international education and are confident that all three of these students will use that power to achieve great things.


Host a Facebook Live Event with

Having access to the right tools to reach international students online is vital. has hosted live events for many years, and we’re pleased to still be able to offer the opportunity through Facebook Live events for the second year. The engagement rates of our live events are powerful, often delivering an 800% increase compared to a standard social post. If you’re interested in having host a Facebook Live event for your school, you can explore this option or contact us directly for personalized assistance.