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Envisage International
Issue #5 - March 2017
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Spring has officially sprung! While it certainly didn’t seem like Spring last week for many of us (including us Floridians), we welcome you to our Spring edition. In this edition, we are updating you on our tech improvements to our flagship site,, getting our social media team’s take on using it for recruiting, welcoming aboard our newest Pennsylvania partner schools and getting a couple communications tips from one of your colleagues from Western New England University.

As always, we hope you are enjoying the Partner Newsletter and welcome your feedback. Happy Recruiting!

Best Wishes,
The Team

We’re Now Fully Responsive!

We are always looking to improve our flagship site to ensure a good user experience, that visitors can find what they are looking for, and that we are providing a valuable service to our college, university and business partners. To do this, we need to keep up with the latest technology. receives over 700,0000 monthly visitors from across the globe and more than 40% of those are accessing the site on their mobile devices. This month our tech team has been working hard at upgrading our site to be fully responsive. While it has always been mobile friendly, this upgrade gives us the latest technology, ensuring that no matter what device someone is using, our site will always come up in the search results. What is “fully responsive?” When a site is fully responsive it means the site will look good when viewed from any screen, whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Stay tuned to find out what improvements are next on!

Connor’s Tip of the Month

How to Share Your Scholarship Across Our Sites

There are a lot of great reasons why international students should come to your school, and sharing that you have scholarships available can make your institution even more intriguing. If you have scholarships for international students you can list them on our scholarship sites for free. Here’s how:
  1. Log into your account on
  2. Under “Scholarship Account” click “View Dashboard”
  3. Under “Your Awards” click “Create Award”
  4. After creating your award it will be sent to us to be approve!
Listing your scholarship means even more exposure to your school. Your scholarship will be added to both our scholarship sites, and, that receive over 100,000 visitors each month! If you would like, we can also list the scholarship on your featured profile, just let us know!

Your March Resource

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and can be used in a variety of ways across multiple platforms to communicate with prospective students. On Facebook,Twitter and Instagram you can share text, photos, or videos and engage personally through the messenger feature to answer questions from students. The most effective way to use social media is to create a personalized Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter for your International Student office to showcase deadlines, events, and student life to drive traffic to your website!

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard to our newest partners, Westminster College and Wilson College! Both are liberal arts schools located in Pennsylvania. They are both looking to increase their international student populations. In addition to their Featured profile on, we will also be marketing them through email, social media, newsletters and banner ads across our sites.

Advice from Michelle Kowalsky

This month’s tip comes from Michelle Kowalsky from Western New England University. We presented with Michelle at the NAFSA Region XI conference about communication plans and we’re excited to share her tips. Here are her tips to when it comes to communicating with prospective students through social media:
  1. "Social media can be a very useful tool to engage with prospective students. The page/site has to be active and exciting. You want students to keep coming back to see what is happening!"
  2. "Be real – don’t use social media as a strict marketing platform as students can see right through that."
  3. "Pictures, pictures, pictures – students are not going to read long posts. The more visual the better!"
We couldn’t agree more with these tips! It's important to keep your message authentic to who you are, across each platform you use to connect with students.

Upcoming Conference

  • May 28- June 2: NAFSA, Los Angeles, CA (Booth 1739)
224 First Street, Neptune Beach, FL 32266

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