Sample Accountant Resume


265 Fairway Circle • Tampa, FL 12345 • (555) 867-5309

Recent Master of Business Administration graduate with two years of hands-on experience in the fields of accounting and finance. Seeking to bring innovative knowledge to the forefront of a company's esteemed financial management goals.




Master's in Business Administration
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
GPA: 3.73


Bachelor of Science in Accounting
University of Tampa, Tampa, FL
Dean's List 2007-2009
GPA: 3.87


Fall 2011-Spring 2013

Plummer's Air Conditioning and Heating Inc., Chicago, IL
Staff Accountant Co-Op

Fall 2009-Spring 2011

Williams and Birksons LLC, Tampa, FL
Accounting Assistant

Fall 2007-Fall 2008

University of Tampa, Tampa, FL Student Assistant

Sample Accountant Resume

This resume is an example of an accountant with entry-level experience applying for a financial management position. As a recent college graduate, employers will not expect you to have a ton of experience, so starting your resume with a focused objective is the way to go… as long as you keep it down to two lines or less. If you need to take up space, try adding larger, boldfaced section headers to give your resume structure as well as a nice layout.

Core Attributes:


You worked hard for your education so show it proudly. Showcasing a strong GPA will show your future employer that you don’t have a lot of experience quite yet, but you did pay attention in school to earn high grades.

Notice the past tense on all of the bullet points under the Experience section. This may seem like a small detail, but employers are guaranteed to notice. Let’s use the word “establish” for example. If you are currently working at a job where you are “establishing” something it will be in present tense (notice the “ing”). However if you “established” something at a previous job, it must be in the past tense (notice the “ed”).

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