Sample Business Schools Admissions Resume for a Student


762 Point Blvd | Tampa, FL 32111 | 555-867-5309 |


Enthusiastic, proficient and creative leader in sales and marketing who will use Sykes College of Business along with background in sales, marketing, and management to surpass sales targets with progressive client-focused marketing strategies in a dynamic and ethical company.


Phillips Bakery, Clermont, FL, 2011-Present
Sales Representative

Transcended sales quotas while leading a unified team focused on clients.
Developed interpersonal relationships with customers which led to additional markets.
Increased sales volume 38% by organize a mandatory employee training program
Awarded “Top Sales Representative” in 2012

Lace-Ups Running Magazine, Leigh, FL, 2009-2011
Marketing Coordinator

Collaborated with a passionate and focused team to develop product promotion, initiatives and presentation materials for increased awareness of the 64 page bi-monthly magazine.
Managed mail and web campaigns to discover market opportunity and promotional strategy.
Bought and secured esteemed media placement that accelerated revenue by 28%.

Rise and Grind Coffee Shop, Jacksonville, FL, 2007-2009
Marketing and sales director

Created and launched an innovative business plan for a new coffee service in the northeast, Florida with the competition of 43 coffee houses.
Led a productive staff of four to the creation of twelve original coffee flavors, customer identification, sales planning, pricing, promotion, and customer experience definition.
Increased sales by 80 percent in a six month period through a corporate social responsibility campaign in cohesion with the Stress Less Agency by providing customers with free stress relief activities and beverages during less trafficked time periods.


Market analysis, product presentation, customer relations, marketing strategy, sales forecasting, contract negotiation, product launch, vendor relations, team leadership, consumer research, marketing initiatives.


Bachelor of Arts—Business Administration, Marketing
University of Tampa, Tampa FL
Anticipated Graduation: May 2012; GPA: 3.7

Sample Business Schools Admissions Resume for a Student

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, this resume was crafted specifically to gain admission to an upstanding business school. Notice the great spacing, clearly labeled sections, strong power words and overall professional form. When crafting a resume for grad school, as with any job, it’s important for your resume to provide a flawless appearance, reinforcing the idea that you are a fantastic candidate with a good head on your shoulders.

It’s also important to be as specific as possible about your accomplishments and quantify (add a numerical value) them whenever you can. Make the admissions office’s decision as easy as possible by laying out your accomplishments in such a way they don’t have an option but admit you! Now is your time to be the decision maker; which sounds more impressive to you?


Key Points to Remember:

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