Sample Business Resume for Transitioning Careers

Marcellus Tucker

45231 Residence Ln. Des Moines, IA 12343


Accomplished business professional transitioning a robust background in sales and customer service to the field of adult education. Offering exceptional interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution skills. Highly organized and motivated, with a renowned ability to motivate, inspire, and direct others in a supportive environment. Familiarity with maintaining records and reports, as well as complying with administrative standards.



University of Iowa, Des Moines, IA


RetailCorp Sales, Inc., Des Moines, IA
Retail Sales Associate and Retail Team Leader

Lead sales team and provided service to customers seeking products. Taught and informed customers about the different specifications between products. Supervised more than a dozen retail sales associates per shift. Responsible for store’s documentation, and record keeping. Lead retail team meetings and planned meeting itineraries. Set goals for employees and assisted in creating strategies to help facilitate their realization and implementation. Provided guidance and support to fellow employees in both formal and informal capacities.

Key Accomplishments:

ConsumerCallingCompany, Des Moines, IA
Customer Service Representative

Called customers to ensure satisfaction with accounts. Resolved customer grievances and provided support throughout the process.

Key Accomplishments:

Sample Business Resume for Transitioning Careers

When writing a career transition resume, there are a number of features that distinguish it from a traditional resume. The most important factor in any career transition resume is highlighting and promoting any transferable skills the applicant may have acquired or refined over the course of your previous career.

The most effective place to highlight and promote those transferable skills is in the introductory section of the resume, specifically in the headline and summary portions. The way the writer frames their previous experience in these early sections will impact how the reader interprets the rest of the resume and work experience, providing a great opportunity to highlight all the ways in which the applicant’s previous experience makes them a good fit for their newly desired position.

A career transition resume ought to lead with a summary of qualifications and transferable skills, with a clear statement of purpose tailored to the specific position looking to be filled. Typically, the next section on a traditional resume is the ‘Employment Experience’ section.

However, when transitioning careers the actual positions held and responsibilities entailed will be far less relevant than the skills acquired in those positions. Thus, the ‘Employment Experience’ section can be moved to lower in the resume (if unflattering or potentially detrimental), and framed in such a way as to highlight not what was done at the job, but, rather, what you took away and what you contributed.

Key Points to Remember:

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