Sample Entry Level Business Resume

Kathryn Smith

502 Nautical Dr., Miami, FL 32400
Phone: 456-555-5554 E-Mail:


To find employment which enables me to use my experience in both marketing and business to find creative solutions in increasing revenue generation and sales.


University of Miami 2009 - 2011

Business Internship - Hurricanes Team Store

Natural Care Store 2007 - 2009

Store Manager


Bay High School 2007

Graduated with high honors, a GPA of 3.5, and was a member of Alpha Chi National Honors Society and Key Club.

University of Miami 2011

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business, minor in Marketing, GPA of 3.7 and 4 consecutive years on the Dean’s List for high grades.


Microsoft Office, Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress

Sample Entry Level Business Resume

This resume is great example for a recent graduate who is pursing their first “career” or “real job” following graduation. This resume is an overview of the most important skills/experiences you've acquired. During your interview you can expand on specific examples of knowledge, experience, or skills learned to illustrate the key points of your resume (this gives you a chance to show off what you learned to the interviewer and you won't have to write it all down on the resume). Remember to keep an entry-level resume short and to the point and demonstrate that based on your experience you could be a great new addition to the company. Make sure to approach your resume with viewpoint of “What can I do for them?” – tell them why they should hire you!


Since this is probably your first 'real' job, employers aren't expecting you to have a ton of work experience. It's best to include any internships or past jobs which involve the key aspects of the job you're pursing. Kathryn, for example, worked as a store manager and although she didn't create marketing strategies she did implement them in her store and measure the results. During her internship she gained experience in creative problem solving and creating business strategies. Even if you've had 10 jobs before this one it isn't always necessary to list every past employment experience if it isn't relative to the job you're trying to get, however, it is important to show that you have worked before and are responsible enough to keep a job for an extended period of time (so if you have no relative work experience just list your past jobs, it's ok!).

Key points to remember:
  1. Only use the most recent or most relevant past work experiences if possible
  2. Keep your resume short and to the point and try to fit everything on one page – no one has time to read a three page resume
  3. For skills and objectives show your best qualities and how you can be an asset to the company
  4. Tell the truth! Don't lie about your experience just to make your resume look good; if someone finds out you fibbed on your resume it can be the kiss of death for your potential job!
  5. Always list specific software or programs you have experience with (like how Kathryn mentioned Microsoft Office – employers want people who know how to use programs like these!)

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