Sample Internship Resume for a Student

Avalee Dawson
Campus Address:
P.O. Box 398
Pittsburgh, PA 32399
(555) 867-5309
Permanent Address:
2329 Silverstone Dr.
Ryder MI, 23909
(555) 867-5309


University of Pittsburgh

Bachelor of Arts: Education, Sociology

Credits Completed: 76
Anticipated Graduation: May 2016
GPA: 3.76/4.0


Active Minds

Changing the conversation fo mental healthProgrammer, Spring 2012-Spring 2014
President, Fall 2014-Present

Sociology Club

Member, Fall 2012-Present
Hosted “Bully” event 2013

Kappa Delta Pi

Member, Fall 2012-Present
Vice President, Spring 2013

Dean's List, 4 semesters


St. Hawks Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA
Substitute Teacher
Taught second grade students in reading and science, Spring 2014-Present

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Residential Adviser
Fostered an encouraging community within 23 freshmen men and women dormitories, Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Logan's Market, Ryder, MI
Cashier, Summer 2013


Jonathan E. Freedman

Dean, School of Education
291 Iris Circle
Pittsburgh, PA 32039
(555) 392-4581

Sarah L. Barker

Teacher/Sub Advisor, St. Hawks Elementary
7893 Riverbend St
Ryder, MI 23321
(555) 580-3801
Sample Internship Resume for a Student

Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience and pad your resume at the same time, but what about the resume to get the internship in the first place? Don’t worry, the entire purpose of these internships is to help students gain real-world knowledge in a field that interests them, so experience isn’t necessarily expected.

When applying for an internship, Human Resources (or whoever is reading your resume) already assumes that you are still in school so it’s important to list your educational accomplishments. It’s also important to list how many credit hours you have completed so the company will know how far along you are in your education. Sometimes internships will only accept senior applicants, but oftentimes, as long as you have completed a series of specific classes, internships will overlook your specific grade level.

When crafting a resume for an internship focus on your strengths. Any activities, honors, volunteer experience or extra-curricular activities paint the picture that you are an outgoing individual – and that’s exactly what you want! Although internships are generally free labor, only the best candidates are chosen, so it’s important to create a resume that is memorable, free of errors, focused, organized and unique. In the infancy of your career, professional references can also be great additions to your resume. Listing one to three individuals who would give you a great recommendation can bring you from the middle of the pile to a seat on top.

Key Points to Remember:

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