Sample Law School Admissions Resume

Teresa A. Carter 921 Rotterdam Blvd., Seattle WA, 98101
(555) 867-5309


GPA: 3.81
Seattle University
Bachelor of Arts: English, Political Science
Summer 2009
Technische Universität Berlin
Coursework: History, Public Affairs, Social Work


Summer 2010
Random House Publishing, New York, NY
Editorial Assistant
August 2008-Spring 2010
Seattle University, Seattle, WA
Student Representative
Summer 2007-Summer 2008
Barnes & Noble, Seattle, WA
Special Orders Clerk


Fall 2011
Refresh, Renew, Replenish Seattle, WA
Women's Director/Volunteer
August 2008-Spring 2011
Political Science Society, Seattle, WA


Fluent in German, professional debate teams, cooking, writing, & tennis
Sample Law School Admissions Resume

Law school resumes are similar to the ones used apply for a job, with a few noticeable differences. Keep in mind that your law school resume needs to be academic focused, with an audience of an admissions committee instead of a prospective employer. Therefore, there’s no reason to include an “Objectives” or “Summary of Qualifications” portion since they obviously know why you are applying. Instead, highlight the skills and accomplishments that the law school is looking for, such as your academic achievements, interests, leadership, activism and study abroad experiences.

Being honest on your law school admissions resume can help push your application to the top of the list. After reading literally thousands of resumes, members of the admissions committee are pros at finding the “fluff.” Meaning that adding extra responsibilities in your work experience section or rounding up on your GPA is lying (and they’ll have your transcripts to back it up!). Of course it’s important to put your best foot forward, but if the admissions committee even suspects you’re exaggerating, your resume will be tossed to the bottom of the pile.

Key points to remember:

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