Sample Martial Arts Resume


(555) 123-4567, 453 Hollow Blvd. Hartford, CT 06095

"Raymond Williams has enriched the lives of many students at the Hartford Institute of Martial Arts and remains the most respected instructor in the city."

Hank Lewis Jr.
Head Director and Founder - Hartford Institute of Martial Arts



Hartford Institute of Martial Arts, Hartford Connecticut
Senior Instructor


International Martial Arts Federation, Thailand
First degree black belt, Taekwondo

University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut
BS Secondary Education, GPA 3.5


Sample Martial Arts Resume

A career in martial arts revolves almost entirely around the unique ability to train others and share knowledge. Thus, it is important to write a resume that briefly details any experience with hands-on training, detailing the specific levels they’ve worked with. It is also important to discuss teaching practices and methods, as well as other skills taught in the classroom. Like any resume, you will want to list education (both academic as well as any direct certifications/credentials that relate to martial arts) and accreditation on the resume as well as teaching experience.

Since martial arts instructors are known for being prepared, it is important that your resume reflects the same. Only include on the resume what is important for the employer to know, and include most recent achievements at the top. By including a concise resume which highlights your skills and ability to transfer those skills, employers will be more likely to bring you in for an interview.

Key Points:

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