Sample Multimedia Developer Resume

Puck Hoffman
Puck Hoffmann
5261 N. Hummingbird Lane, Denver, CO, 80229


To obtain a position as a multimedia developer, specializing in computer-based graphic design, in a forward-thinking company, doing work that is both challenging and rewarding.



Professional Experience

Multimedia Developer, Starlight Digital Entertainment 2010-present

Multimedia Developer, Pepso, Inc. 2006-2010


Master of Fine Arts in Design 2004-2006

School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication Design 2000-2004

University of Cincinnati – School of Design, Cincinnati, OH

Sample Multimedia Developer Resume

As a multimedia designer, it’s crucial to list your proficiency in software, web and multimedia towards the top of your resume, along with other important related skills and your years of experience (that is, if you have some!). In a technical field, these are the facts a potential employer will need to know first and foremost to assure themselves that you and your technical skills are a fit for a new project they have in the works or an ongoing, existing team or project.

Don’t worry if your resume goes over one page, but do keep it to a two-page maximum. This particular resume is a quick and to-the-point resume style, only listing the bare minimum, the absolutely necessary for an employer to get a quick overview of your skill and experience levels.

Tips and Tricks:

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