Process Engineer Resume



As a recent graduate, I am seeking a full-time position as a process engineer where I can showcase my wide range of skills across chemical, petrochemical, advanced material and biotechnological industries.

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Process Engineer Resume

Under the wide umbrella of the engineering field, a process engineer is an in-demand position that covers a wide range of industries. Therefore, it’s imperative to showcase any experience you have across those industries, as you never know what may spark a potential employers interest.

This resume showcases two internships at oil companies and ties in her interests within the Objective and Strength & Skills portion, so an employer is aware of her background as well as her passions, within the field. It’s also important to use the Skills section as efficiently as possible since your Experience section may be bare, coming straight out of college and into the working world. Employers won’t expect you to have years of experience under your belt, but they will want to ensure that you have been using your time in the most resourceful way possible.

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