Sample Follow Up Letter for a Project Management Resume

Edwin Richards
462 Home St.
New York, NY 25435
(123) 456-0987


Mr. Ronald Smith
Senior Human Resources Manager
International Company Corp.
1 ICC Ln.
Houston, TX 78682

Dear Mr. Smith,

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to interview me yesterday for the project manager position, even amidst being swamped with those account projections you mentioned! After our discussion about job responsibilities and the company’s mission, it furthered my confidence that International Company Corp is the sort of place I’d fit right in!

After our conversation, I was able to reflect on some of the specific qualities and skills you described as imperative to the project manager position: the ability to oversee budgeting and resource allocation (including labor), experience generating new accounts, managing large accounts, and the ability to work with clients to ensure their satisfaction while adhering to project estimates and projections. As an award-winning project manager at my current employer, my success has depended on those very skills and qualities thus far.

Also, I’d like to reiterate that during our interview you had mentioned how impressed you were with my experience with renewable energy infrastructure, urban revitalization, and the intersection thereof (especially with International Company Corp’s recent acquisition of GreenTech Industries!). As a project manager I have directly overseen several projects in these areas and would be honored to contribute my expertise to these burgeoning new divisions in ICC’s already impressive portfolio!

In short, the project manager position at ICC seems an ideal move for me. I’m confident I would find working for ICC a rewarding experience, and that I would strongly contribute to ICC’s continued growth and success. Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Edwin Richards

Sample Follow Up Letter for a Project Management Resume

Writing a ‘Thank You’ or, ‘Follow-Up’ letter to an employer after an interview may seem outdated, but many hiring managers will assure you it certainly is not.

Writing a follow up letter probably won’t change a hiring manager’s opinion of you after a less than stellar interview, but it certainly can help set you apart from a stack of similarly qualified applicants, as well as reiterate some of the qualities you’d like to highlight to your potential employer and potentially seal the deal.

Follow up letters should ideally be received one or two days after the interview process, and should be short but unique—a poorly or hastily written letter can seem insincere or sloppy and can actually end up doing an applicant a disservice!

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